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8 Types of Permits Required for Equipment Haulers

8 Types of Permits Required for Equipment Haulers
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Equipment Haulers require several different permits, depending on their cargo and how long they will travel. These permits allow them to travel for several days, several trips, and carry heavier cargo. While not all these permits are universal, they do exist for several types of equipment haulers and heavy equipment transportation vehicles.

Permits Required for Equipment Haulers

1.     Single Trip

This permit allows the transportation of equipment to one specific point. Any movement should be between two specific points and through confirmed routes.

2.     Round Trip

This permit for a trip includes a return to the point of origin during a 5-day period. Mostly used to transport equipment from and back to a single point of origin.

8 Types of Permits Required for Equipment Haulers

3.     Construction Equipment

This permit allows the movement of construction equipment up to 12 ft wide. Continuous movement shouldn’t exceed 365 days. Equipment can include small dozers, backhoes, semi-trailers, etc. Field office trailers can also be included.

4.     Farm Equipment

Permit required for the movement of farm machinery or equipment up to 14 ft wide. It also allows the movement to and from a farm, or between two farm implement dealers. This movement isn’t to exceed 365 days.

5.     Manufactured Building or Component

This permit allows for the movement of a 12 ft wide manufactured building or building component. This movement shouldn’t exceed 365 days. The types of buildings or building components allowed include office trailer, manufactured house, park model RV, yard barn, etc.

6.     90-Day Movement

Permit required for continuous movement that is not to exceed 90 days. The movement should be one-way between the two points that are prescribed through specific routes. The permit is issued to either the commercial tractor or truck. For overweight trailers and equipment haulers, they must be identical when concerning the axles, axle spacing, tires on each axle and tire sizes.

7.     365-Day Movement

Similar to the 90-day permit in all restrictions but that it allows continuous movement that shouldn’t exceed 365 days.

8.     3 or Fewer Aluminum or Steel Coils

This permit allows a truck to haul 3 or fewer steel or aluminum coils. This permit is valid for a single trip, which can continue for 90 to 365 days. Permits may also be issued for legal dimensioned or overweight vehicles (120,000 lbs).

Restrictions on this permit include:

  • Shipments must originate from an approved steel or aluminum manufacturer/processor.
  • Shipments originating outside the State must be legal in the bordering State.

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