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Moving solar panels on a flatbed trailer is a safe and efficient method for transporting these delicate components. Not only is flatbed hauling ideal for long-haul or cross-country trips, but it also ensures that panels are loaded and unloaded without any damage. In this, we’ll discuss the benefits of using a flatbed trailer for solar panel transport, how to load and unload solar panels safely, and the types of solar panels that require this specialized service. 

Benefits of Moving Solar Panels on a Flatbed Trailer

Moving solar panels on a flatbed trailer has several benefits over other forms of transport. Firstly, flatbed hauling is versatile, meaning that it’s good for all types of solar panel sizes, from small residential panels to large commercial panels. Secondly, flatbed hauling is ideal for long-haul or cross-country trips, ensuring that panels arrive at their destination without any damage. Thirdly, flatbed hauling allows you to keep the solar panels in a fixed position, which significantly minimizes the risk of any internal or external damage during transit.

How to Load and Unload Solar Panels Safely

To load and unload solar panels safely on a flatbed trailer, there are some best practices that you must follow. First, ensure that the trailer isn’t overloaded and the load is balanced evenly on the trailer. Second, use adequate protective materials, such as tie-down straps, pads, and blockers. They keep the panels firmly in place, minimizing any shifting and shaking. Third, be sure to secure the solar panels with the right amount of tension. You don’t want the straps to be too tight or too loose, as both can cause damage to the panels. Fourth, avoid sudden starts, stops, and sharp turns, as they can cause the panels to slide. Lastly, hire a professional and experienced driver who knows how to handle the load safely.

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Shipping Solar Panels

Flatbed shipping companies and flatbed trucking companies specialize in transporting oversize and delicate freight, such as solar panels. When it comes to solar panel transport, you need a dedicated transportation specialist who knows how to handle the load with care. From loading solar panels on a flatbed trailer to unloading them at their destination, the transport team must have the necessary equipment, training, and expertise to get the job done right.


Common Types of Solar Panels We Transport

We carry monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels, which are the three most typical kinds of solar panels. Monocrystalline solar panels are made of a single silicon crystal, which makes them the most efficient, but also the most expensive. Polycrystalline solar panels are made of multiple small silicon crystals and are less expensive but less efficient. Thin-film solar panels are made by depositing a thin layer of photovoltaic cell material onto a substrate, making them lightweight but not as durable.

Each type of solar panel requires its own specific handling and transport procedures. Flatbed hauling companies should be equipped with a variety of tools to transport different types of solar panels safely and efficiently.

Crystalline solar panels

Crystalline solar panels have revolutionized the energy industry, providing clean and renewable power to millions. They are made out of crystalline silicon, which is a form of semiconductor that can convert free sunlight into electricity. Unlike traditional solar cells, crystalline silicon panels can provide more stability and durability when under heavy haulers near me or windy conditions, making them a great pick for outdoor operations. Furthermore, crystalline solar panels require less maintenance, no fuel costs and suitable long-term savings when compared to traditional energy sources. With all these advantages in mind it’s easy to see why crystalline solar panels should be at the forefront of any sustainable energy initiative.

Polycrystalline panels

Polycrystalline panels have been a major source of renewable energy for the past decade due to their affordability and relative efficiency compared to other solar panels. Polycrystalline is made from melting many fragments of silicon crystals which results in the characteristic “grainy” appearance. Despite having a slightly lower efficiency rate than its monocrystalline counterpart, polycrystalline panels are still a great choice for those looking to invest in renewable energy solutions as the overall cost can be significantly greater with monocrystalline solutions. Additionally, polycrystalline panels offer relatively consistent performance in ambient temperatures ranging from 0°C – 85°C making them more resilient and reliable than their counterparts in colder climates.

Thin-film solar panels

Thin-film solar panels have different costs associated with them depending on the type of panel. CdTe is generally the least expensive to manufacture, while CIGS will cost more. Additionally, even though the cost per panel may be higher for some thin-film solar panel types, their installations can be less expensive than crystalline panel system installations due to their light weight and maneuverability. This makes it easier for installers to move panels up onto rooftops and secure them in place, resulting in a lower overall installation fee in many cases.

Transporting solar panels requires specialized handling to ensure that the panels arrive at their destination without any damage. Flatbed heavy haulers are experts in moving solar panels on a flatbed trailer, providing a safe and efficient method for getting panels where they need to be. With a primary focus on the safe delivery of your solar panels, flatbed heavy haul, dedicated transport specialists and experienced drivers will ensure your panels arrive safely and on time. Contact us at Flatbed Hauling Quotes today to get a quote and learn more about our solar panel transport services.

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