Heavy Equipment

Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc.'s specialized heavy equipment transport experts can handle any of your trucking specialty requirements.

Our heavy equipment hauling is the safest way to move your overweight freight throughout the United States and Canada. Fleets in our network consist of trucks and trailers having multiple axle and low boy combinations with the ability to handle the heaviest loads. Oversize, overweight, heavy, and difficult loads require the planning, logistics and over all experience that our heavy equipment carriers have and use effectively to plan out and meet your goals within time and budget constraints.

As a leading equipment hauler, we have stretch flatbed trailers as well as conventional flatbeds for handling traditional loads. Securing permits, escort and any other third-party services like cranes and storage facilities and the logistical planning of a detailed route is all part of our exceptional service.

As wind turbines are becoming more and more popular in a transition to power generation equipment haulers need to think out of the box to be prepared for more frequent transportation of this type of cargo. Almost 10% of the country’s power output is reported to come from wind. When moving the giant wind dynamos by truck to the erection locations it creates quite an entertaining site as these convoys are moving. The heavy and oversize components for these giants include three extra-long blades per unit.

Because of the 150-foot length of these turbine blades trailers that haul them must be almost that long as well. If blades are longer than what an existing trailer can accommodate there is a solution. XL’s Specialized Trailers has this covered. The blade mate flip extension can be used on their trailers and on other makes as well.This you tube video will show you just how lucrative it can be for equipment haulers as the trailer length can reach to 211 feet. This trailer when compressed for a return trip is only 53 feet.

XL has posted a YouTube video that explains it.

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Because of our dependability we have had customers for years. Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc. dispatchers are always monitoring these difficult loads with our drivers in real time, informing customers every step of the way as the load progresses from point to point. Our state of the art communications network tracks weather, traffic situations, height and weight restrictions; always ready to adjust the logistics as needed in real time.

The equipment we use is maintained meticulously for safety and efficiency. Some of the freight that we can move consists of construction equipment, commercial, industrial, military, aerospace, mining, oil industry, satellite dishes, prefabricated structures, agriculture equipment, and highway structures.
Our areas of specialty include heavy equipment hauling, oversize hauling, super load hauling, specialized hauling, construction and material handling equipment, crane hauling, flatbed hauling, vessel and tank hauling, break bulk and out of gauge load hauling.

Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc. is one the nation’s leading heavy equipment hauling companies in the United States and Canada. FBHQ is also one of the most reliable wide load trucking companies offering professional moves from coast to coast. We have a reputation as one of the most experienced flatbed oversized shipping and hauling companies that you can rely on. When looking for heavy equipment carriers that perform and execute to transportation standards as well as your own company’s expectations, then contact us today for a free quote or you can simply
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