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Flatbed Hauling Quotes is a leading flatbed hauling company and one of the most experienced flatbed shipping companies, specializing in moving dump trucks on flatbed trailers and other large machinery across the United States. We have a wide range of heavy haulers experience in shipping all types and sizes of dump trucks, from small buckets to the largest articulated dump trucks. Our team of professional drivers are experts in safely operating and loading these heavy duty vehicles, ensuring that your machinery arrives at its destination on time and in perfect condition.


Flatbed Hauling Quotes is an industry leader when it comes to dump truck transport services. We’ve offered dump truck transport services for more than two decades now and have helped thousands of clients get their dump trucks to a destination on time. Flat bed haulers from our company are the most reliable in the business and will make sure your heavy duty truck shipping needs are taken care of quickly and efficiently. When you need a flat bed company you can trust, look no further than Flatbed Hauling Quotes!


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Moving dump trucks on a flatbed trailer is one of the specialized transport services we offer at Flatbed Hauling Quotes. We have years of experience in hauling heavy-duty vehicles, and we understand the unique challenges that come with transporting a dump truck. That’s why we work with you closely throughout the entire process, from acquiring the necessary shipping permits to loading and securing your truck on the trailer. We take pride in providing a high level of customer service, and we’re dedicated to ensuring that your dump truck arrives at its destination safely.


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Loading Dump Trucks On Flatbed Trailer is not a difficult task, but there are a few things to keep in mind in order to do it safely and efficiently. First, flatbed hauling companies should be sure to secure the truck to the trailer using appropriate tie-downs. Second, use a loading ramp or loading dock to avoid damaging the truck or its cargo. Third, use care when loading the truck so that its weight is evenly distributed on the trailer. Following these simple tips will help ensure that loading Dump Trucks On A Flatbed Trailer is a smooth and successful process.


Flat bed transportation is the most common type of heavy haul transport service. Flat beds can be used to transport standard dump trucks, articulated dump trucks, transfer dump trucks, super dump trucks, semi trailer end dump trucks, semi trailer bottom dump trucks, and side dump trucks. Flat beds are typically equipped with ramps or lift gates to load and unload heavy equipment. In most cases, flat bed transportation services are provided by trucking companies that specialize in hauling heavy equipment. Some trucking companies also offer specialized services for transporting oversized loads. When selecting a flat bed transportation service, it is important to choose a company that has experience hauling the type of dump truck being transported. Flatbed Hauling Quotes is able to provide the necessary equipment and personnel to safely load and unload the dump truck.


Flatbed trucking services are a vital part of the construction industry, as they provide a safe and efficient way to transport large and heavy equipment from one job site to another. While the cost of a flatbed trucking companies rates can vary depending on the distance and weight of the load, it is typically much cheaper than renting or buying a new dump truck. For long-distance hauls, it is often best to use a heavy hauling trucking company that specializes in transporting oversize loads. Heavy hauling companies have the necessary equipment and experience to safely transport your equipment, and they will often offer discounts for large loads. Whether you need to transport a single dump truck or an entire fleet of construction equipment, flatbed trucking services can provide a cost-effective solution.


Whether you need to ship a dump truck across town or across the country, Flatbed Hauling Quotes is your ideal Hauling company. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Flatbed Hauling Quotes offers trustworthy and reliable freight transportation services.


We specialize in airplanes, helicopters, oversized machinery, construction equipment of all sizes, highway structures, bridge structures, and all other overweight and oversized flatbed hauling cargo.



Flatbed Hauling Quotes has all the necessary licenses, bonds, and insurances to transport heavy hauler loads throughout the United States and Canada. Our seasoned drivers can move loads of any weight, configuration, and size.


You can trust our team to handle the logistics of your move plotting the least expensive and safest point from origin to destination. On request load tracking from point A to point, B is provided accurately and is extensively updated in real-time as your heavy hauler load moves forward.



If you’re looking for a transportation company you can trust, call Flatbed Hauling Quotes at (860)880-8171. We are the heavy haulers that you can rely on time after time!

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