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Heavy Hauling Transportation Services

Heavy Equipment

Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc. is a specialized flatbed heavy haul company having equipment located in CT with satellite locations throughout the United States. We can haul your overweight and over dimensional loads up to 300,000 pounds. Our competitive rates and in-house permitting departments combined with great safety ratings, offer you the dependable, timely and safe arrival of your heavy haul shipping loads. We have authorizations across the United States and Canada for heavy haul trucking throughout these two countries. Our fleet includes all forms of flatbed axle combinations and as one of the Nation’s leading heavy haul carriers, FBHQ is the best choice.

A flatbed heavy haul company like FBHQ can give you a certain peace of mind when choosing from all the flatbed heavy haul companies available. You can trust that we have already made the most complicated of heavy haul trucking moves in this country.

When using a heavy hauler, equipment can consist of several configurations. These configurations can consist of multiple trailers and these trailers may be pulled by several tractors. Many of these loads can weigh more than five hundred tons. Heavy haul shipping is about facts and the planning of the logistics in detail. Heavy Haulers of all the heavy haul carriers with a proven track record are readily sought after to make these difficult and timely moves.

An entire crew of flatbed haulers may be needed as a support function to remove any obstacles in the path of transit. These obstacles can include power lines, signage, etc. The aerospace industry and pre-fabricated construction industries are examples of these complicated moves.

Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc. has extensive expertise in heavy hauling transportation services. Our fleet includes all the necessary equipment to move your loads including Flatbeds, Step Decks, Lowboys, and RGN trailers. This equipment accommodates for all dimensions and weights. We are familiar with ordering all routing permits for oversize and overweight loads across the United States and in Canada and in using our extensive fleet of pilot cars as needed.

We remain committed to every one of our customers in a professional and courteous manner and make every effort to have loads picked up and delivered on time every time. Having over 13 years’ experience as a flatbed heavy haul company we offer all the necessary solutions in transporting freight.

Moving oversize cargo is never just cut and dry, sometimes a little creativity is needed to move these oversized loads to their destination safely. That’s where FBHQ’s experienced staff uses their ingenuity to plan and solve these challenges. Our agents all use the same set of foundational methods to make sure they cover the basics first. Then they can be sure every -t- is crossed and every- i- is dotted. We offer competitive rates, timely quotes and daily updates on the progression of your cargo from origin to destination, whether it’s a short haul or cross country. Everything from aerospace, to excavation equipment, is moved in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Bad weather can be the toughest opponent in moving your load safely and quickly from origin to destination without damage. Covering loads with over-dimensional tarping is a science of its own. Tarping is always necessary on specialized manufactured freight, computerized machinery, and any electrical panels. To prevent unwanted ripping that can ultimately cause unintended damage to your freight, corner braces are used as standard equipment with all our flatbed haulers.

When it comes to specialized complex cargo FBHQ was founded to service clients as one of a few expert flatbed haulers. As years progressed, we continued to grow and form our heavy hauling transportation services focusing on safely moving complicated freight throughout the United States and Canada. Our heavy haul trucking group has the experience and latest knowledge base to coordinate any over dimensional cargo. Over height loads, especially in the Northeastern United States can be some of the most dangerous and complex to move. We use perimeter deck trailers; mini deck trailers and “I “beam trailers to make these moves safely.

Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc. is known as a leading heavy equipment transporting company that provides these transportation services for shipping heavy haul loads in the United States and Canada. FBHQ is also one of the most reliable heavy haul trucking companies that offer transportation moves nationwide. Our reputation has set us apart as one of the most experienced heavy haul freight shipping options that you can count on. If you’re looking for a heavy haul trucking company that complies to federal and local transportation standards as well as your own company’s expectations, then contact us for a free heavy equipment transport quote or simply fill out the handy online quote form. “Click Here”.