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Moving a cooler on a flatbed trailer is a great way to transport them safely. This is because the trailer is designed to carry heavy loads, and the coolers will be secured to the trailer so that they will not move around during transport. Additionally, the trailers are designed to protect your coolers by covering them and providing fitted tarps in case of bad weather or other hazards.


We at flatbedhaulingquotes.com are one of the leading flatbed shipping companies, heavy-cargo shipping and equipment movers company in the United States with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. We take pride in providing safe heavy equipment transport solutions, and we owe our success to the many shipments that we have safely delivered.

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A dry ager is a type of refrigerator cooler that is used to mature cured meat. The meat is placed on racks in the dry ager, and clean airflow is maintained throughout the aging process.Another example is large vacuum coolers is a perfect solution for those who have trouble keeping their product cool.The system can be set up in just minutes and will keep your goods fresh, safe from spoilage due to heat exposure!


transporting below Types of Cooler on a flatbed trailer

Air-cooled chillers –

Air-cooled chillers are cooled by air from the outdoors. These cost-effective, low-maintenance systems are easy to maintain and cost less to operate than water-cooled systems. Heavy hauling transport industries often utilize these types of chillers for their cooling needs. Air-cooled chillers are also low maintenance due to the lack of a water system that would need regular flushing and upkeep. Furthermore, these chillers have a lower initial investment cost than water-cooled chillers.


Water-cooled chillers –

Water-cooled chillers are a type of chiller that uses water to cool the refrigerant. Heavy vehicle transport typically uses water-cooled chillers because they separate the cooling tower from the refrigerant, which allows for a continual water source and eliminates the need for a separate structure to support the weight of the cooling tower. While water-cooled chillers typically have a higher initial cost, they often have lower operating costs and can be more energy-efficient than air-cooled chillers. In addition, water-cooled chillers typically have a longer lifespan than air-cooled chillers and require less maintenance.


Split system chillers –

Heavy equipment transporters are specially designed to transport large and heavy machinery, including split system chillers. Our trucks feature a flatbed trailer with a hydraulic ramps that can be raised and lowered to load and unload the chiller. The chiller is first secured to the flatbed using straps or chains, and then the hydraulic ramps are raised so that the chiller can be driven onto the truck. Once the chiller is loaded, the ramps are lowered and the chiller is secured for transport.


Here at flatbed hauling quotes, we understand that not everyone is familiar with the ins and outs of shipping large loads. That’s why we make it our business to provide expert flatbed hauling companies and equipment hauling services for our clients. Whether you need to transport a load of coolers or heavy equipment, we will take care of all the details, from pre-planning and route mapping to budgeting and transportation. We are the leading flatbed hauler in the United States.Our team will make sure your shipment is safe with their expertise! When you choose flatbed hauling quotes, you can be confident that your shipment is in capable hands


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At flatbed hauling quotes, we understand that our clients have a unique affinity for their heavy haulers oversized cargoes and superloads. That’s why we pride ourselves on helping them transport their valuable items efficiently and on time. Our transport crew will be at the pick-up location at the agreed-upon time for loading a cooler on a flatbed trailer and meeting your shipping timeline. We appreciate our client’s trust in us and work hard to exceed their expectations.


The Flatbed Hauling Quotes transport team has the necessary heavy haul equipment and safety gear to get even the heaviest coolers onto trailers without damaging them or putting anyone at risk. Lowboy trailers are heavy equipment movers that are utilized to transport these heavy coolers that are too tall to fit under bridges. The heavy coolers are lower down by the lowboy trailer, giving clearance for lower hanging bridges.


No matter what kind of cooler you have, we can help you moving a cooler on a flatbed trailer to your desired location. The large, heavy trucks of the best flatbed trucking companies are perfect for carrying all sorts of heavy equipment transport. And our team of professionals has the experience and resources to safely install the equipment at your desired receiving location, whether it be in a busy urban location or a remote rural area. We also offer a complete installation service, so you don’t have to worry about anything.


If you need to transport one or multiple aging coolers or large vacuum coolers think Flatbed Hauling Quotes

Aircraft Transportation Services

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Flatbed Hauling Quotes offers trustworthy and reliable freight transportation services.


We specialize in airplanes, helicopters, oversized machinery, construction equipment of all sizes, highway structures, bridge structures, and all other overweight and oversized flatbed hauling cargo.



Flatbed Hauling Quotes has all the necessary licenses, bonds, and insurances to transport heavy hauler loads throughout the United States and Canada. Our seasoned drivers can move loads of any weight, configuration, and size.


You can trust our team to handle the logistics of your move plotting the least expensive and safest point from origin to destination. On request load tracking from point A to point, B is provided accurately and is extensively updated in real-time as your heavy hauler load moves forward.



If you’re looking for a transportation company you can trust, call Flatbed Hauling Quotes at (860)880-8171. We are the heavy haulers that you can rely on time after time!

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