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If you’re in the construction business, you know that moving crushers on a flatbed trailer can be a challenge. The right tools and knowledge used by flatbed shipping companies can make the process quick, easy, and safe.

When it comes to crusher equipment transport, there are several options. Local transport is typically the most economical, but long-distance shipping may be necessary if you’re moving the crusher across the country. In either case, Flatbed Hauling Quotes can provide the service you need. We have a wide network of transportation partners to ensure that your crusher gets where it needs to go and when it needs to get there. And our team of crusher transport experts will work with you to develop a shipping plan that fits your budget and schedule. So whether you need local or long-distance rock crusher shipping, we can get it done right.
moving crushers on a flatbed trailer

These enormous machines can weigh upwards of hundreds of tons and stand several stories tall. Given their heavy haulers size and weight, it is obvious why it would be extremely difficult to transport them using conventional means such as rail, ship, or even a commercial airplane. This is where long haul trucking companies near me come in, as they have the necessary experience and equipment to get the job done right. Typically, a specialized crane will be needed in order to load and move crushers onto a lowboy trailer which can then be transported to its desired destination.

Moving crushers using flatbed truck trailer

Cone crushers -

Hauling a cone crusher is no small feat. This heavy-duty machinery is designed to break down large rocks into smaller, more manageable pieces. As such, it is essential that the cone crusher is transported correctly by one of the most experienced flatbed hauling companies so that it can be used properly at its destination. When hauling a cone crusher, it is important to secure the machine correctly on the transport truck. The best way to do this is to use straps or chains that are designed for hauling heavy equipment. In addition, the transport truck should be equipped with a ramp so that the cone crusher can be driven on and off the truck easily. By taking these steps, you can be sure that your cone crusher will arrive at its destination in good condition and ready to work.

Gyratory crushers -
Heavy duty truck shipping is the process of transporting very large and heavy loads via trucks. This type of shipping is typically used for oversized or overweight items that cannot be transported via standard shipping methods. Heavy duty trucks are specially designed to handle these types of loads, and they are typically much larger and more powerful than standard commercial trucks. In order to ship a load via heavy duty truck, you will need to find a trucking company that specializes in this type of shipping. You will also need to obtain the proper permits and permissions from the authorities before you can begin loading your shipment onto the truck. Once your shipment is ready, the trucking company will transport it to its destination safely and on time. Heavy duty truck shipping is an efficient and reliable way to transport large and heavy loads, and it is an important service for businesses and individuals who need to ship oversized or overweight items.
Jaw Crushers -
A jaw crusher is a heavy duty machine that is designed to break down rocks into smaller pieces. The jaws are positioned in such a way that they apply pressure to the rocks that are fed into the machine. This pressure breaks down the rocks into smaller pieces that can then be transported away. Heavy duty trucks are often used to transport jaw crushers as they are too large and heavy to be moved by any other means. Heavy equipment hauling companies like Flatbed Hauling Quotes specialize in transporting large and heavy machines such as jaw crushers. We will provide you with a quote for the cost of shipping your jaw crusher based on the size and weight of the machine.
Impact Crusher -

Impact crushers are the perfect solution for any stage in which you need to crush something. Impact crushers come in two main types – HSI and VSI. The differences between them lie mainly within their design, with some having more features than others depending on what you need your machine for! Impact crushers can be used to reduce the size of materials by impact, but they differ greatly from one another. The HSI crusher is a great choice for any type of primary, secondary, or even tertiary crushing. The feed material is fed through the feeding eyes of the rotor where it is accelerated to high speed before being discharged through an opening at the rear of the housing. Vertical shaft impact (VSI) crushers can be operated either in open or closed circuits depending on the types of aggregates and final products required. VSI crushers use a high-speed rotor that wears against the anvils located on either side of it. The lower breakage characteristic is unique for a VSI because most other types use metal parts to crush rock which also results in higher wear costs while delivering a lower throughput capacity. Knowing these characteristics is important because it helps identify which type will work better for your specific application needs.

Heavy vehicle transport by flatbed trucking companies is a specialized niche within the transportation industry, and it’s important to choose a company with the right experience and equipment to get your crusher on the road quickly and safely. Crusher haul companies typically have a fleet of heavy-duty trucks and trailers that are specifically designed for hauling large, bulky loads. Flatbed Hauling Quotes also have trained personnel who are experienced in loading and unloading this type of equipment. In addition, most crusher haul companies offer 24/7 roadside assistance in case of an emergency. When selecting a crusher haul company, be sure to ask about their experience, equipment, and safety record. With the right provider, you can rest assured that your crusher will arrive at its destination on time and in one piece.


Heavy truck transport is a specialized field that requires both experience and expertise. One of the most important aspects of this type of transport is proper loading and securing of the load. When it comes to loading a crusher on a flatbed trailer, there are a few key considerations that must be taken into account.
1) The weight of the load must be evenly distributed across the trailer.
2) The load must be secured in place so that it does not shift during transport.

3) The ramps used to load the while moving crushers onto the trailer must be properly designed and installed.

By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure a safe and successful transport operation.

At Flatbed Hauling Quotes, we provide a variety of crushers moving services to meet your needs. We can moving crushers of all types, including hammer crushers, jaw crushers, and gyratory crushers. Our team is experienced in loading and unloading crushers, and we have the equipment and expertise to ensure that your crusher arrives at its destination safely and on time.

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Flatbed Hauling Quotes has all the necessary licenses, bonds, and insurances to transport heavy hauler loads throughout the United States and Canada. Our seasoned drivers can move loads of any weight, configuration, and size.


You can trust our team to handle the logistics of your move plotting the least expensive and safest point from origin to destination. On request load tracking from point A to point, B is provided accurately and is extensively updated in real-time as your heavy hauler load moves forward.



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