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Types of Heavy Haul Transportation Equipment That You Must Know About

From straight trucks and dry vans to flatbeds and step decks, there are several different types of heavy haul transportation equipment that you will come across. Whether you have taken up a new job in the heavy haul trucking industry or you are looking for the best method to move a certain heavy load, here are the different types of trucks and trailers that you ought to know about.

Straight Truck

Also called a box truck, box van, cube truck or a cube van, this type of trailer has a single chassis that carries both, the power unit and the cab. It is commonly used in moving any small items such as furniture and other household goods.

Refrigerated Trailer or Reefer Trailer

As the name suggests, this type of heavy haul transportation equipment is temperature controlled. Because the temperature inside this container stays constant, it is often used for transporting chilled or frozen products such as food items. However, it goes without saying that these trailers are quite expensive as the cooling mechanism for the large unit consumes extra fuel.

Dry or Enclosed Van

Dry van (or dry van trailer) is a type of heavy haul trucking equipment in which the cargo is enclosed from all sides. This helps in protecting the load from damages due to harsh weather conditions and other elements during the ride. The cargo is loaded onto a dry van trailer using a loading dock. However, some trailers also have liftgates attached for the same purpose.

Flatbed Trucks

A flatbed truck is just what can be understood by breaking the word into two – ‘flat’ and ‘bed.’ Unlike dry vans, these trucks have no side walls or roof. This open design makes them more suitable for various applications where most other trucks fail to fulfill the need.

Step Deck Trucks

These trucks are also called drop deck because they have a ‘step’ in the cargo hold surface. Therefore, they might e considered as a modification of flatbed trucks but there is a difference in their scope of use.

Step decks are used where flatbed trucks cannot be used mostly because of height restrictions.

RGN Trailers

Removable Gooseneck (RGN) Trailers have a removable front that creates a ramp in order to remove the trailer easily. These are ideal for situations where very tall of long freight has to be transported. RGN trailers are highly expensive but can carry up to 150,000 pounds of weight easily.

Stretch RGN Trailer

This is a type of RGN trailer that can ‘stretch.’ It is used to haul long freight that cannot fit onto a standard RGN trailer.

Conestoga Trailers

These trailers have a tarp that can be rolled to cover the trailer to protect the freight from damages. The tarp can then be unrolled when unloading the freight.

In case you are unsure which heavy haul trucking method is best suited for your needs, feel free contact a well reputed flatbed heavy haul company to get your queries answered.

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