Oversize Trucking

Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc.'s specialized over dimensional trucking can handle any of your oversize trucking requirements with any special needs.
When shipping wide loads of all the dimensions considerations in weight and dimensions of length, height, and width; width is the easiest to define. The maximum legal width across the United States is eight feet six inches. Any cargo over that is considered over width. When a load goes over this limit regulations to move the load become a little complicated. Permits will be needed in every state that the cargo travels through. This is were the costs can vary and start adding up. States can vary in price and regulations.

Some of the obvious variables to start to consider are the different lanes across each state defined by the actual width of these traveling lanes. Bridges will stop you dead in your tracks if you miss the correct heights. It is so important that oversize load trucking companies consider and verify these heights to prevent calling a last-minute audible. Will the load be moving over two-lane roads or four- lane inter-states? Unfortunately, some of the non-designated roads categories are considered over wide at even eight feet. There are even spring thaw regulations for over with loads.

Escorts for flatbed oversize trucking will also vary state by state. These regulations consider the route to determine if and what number of escorts and the approved formations of these escorts that will be needed to move the cargo. Police escorts in some situations may be required and considered in the oversize load rates.

Super loads are a category that is beyond over dimensional trucking regulations carrying another level of regulations and requirements. These super loads are considered in a variable range depending on each state from over fourteen to twenty feet. More time, restrictions, and higher costs are usually associated with and needed to clear permits for these super wide loads.
A load can be predesignated as a super load if it exceeds all or one dimension in a given state. Each state in the route can require more time for approval, movement of utilities, route surveys, shippers’ letter, bridge analysis, high-end sketches of the shipment and the required additional escorts and pilot cars.

Over wide trucking companies will use any combination of needed components like jeeps, dollies, stingers, trailers, boosters and lift axles. A sketch when required for a super flatbed oversize trucking load should define axle loading details, axle spacing details, tire size with tires per axle and dimensions.

Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc. is one of the premier oversize load trucking companies offering the most competitive oversize load rates in the United States and Canada. We notify our customers with the most comprehensive details while moving their load and highlight these steps in a detailed quote. Our logistic dispatchers will track and report to you in real time as the transportation route unfolds. We coordinate the route planning, logistics and permitting required to move across the states and in Canada. We use sub-contractors that are needed along the way, combined with guidance from local and state agencies to stay within regulations and maintain compliance. It is part of our DNA.

FBHQ supplies access to the best- maintained trailers for custom transport for over wide trucking including double drop, stretch, RGN, step decks, and specialty dual lane trailers.

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