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Oversize Trucking

Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc.'s specialized over dimensional trucking can handle any of your oversize trucking requirements with specialty needs.

In last years show in Atlanta we saw large displays of lowboys and flatbeds. Uncharacteristically they seemed to take center stage. The bodies designed mostly with aluminum and a hybrid mix with steel as combo flatbed oversize trucking trailers can be used to haul different loads in the same day. A larger part of the structural members are made of aluminum but still combined with steel as needed. The greatest asset is the ability to move heavier cargo and stay within gross weight limits saving revenue. These flexibilities can allow a company to earn more revenue per asset from variable sources.

In another new safety development in the latest technologies, New York has initiated an over height detection system for oversize load trucking transports. These systems use infra-red technologies to identify and warn over height carriers before striking lower clearance bridges. This cutting-edge technology will protect the highway infrastructure; especially the lower clearance parkways that are designed for autos. They will also improve traffic flow and mobility preventing delays with emphasis on safety being the foremost concern.

The use of the infra-red beams captures a video of the carrier, identifies, and alerts authorities while immediately posting an electronic message so that the driver can see the alert and exit before incurring damage.

Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc. is part of the largest oversize load trucking companies offering the most competitive oversize load rates in the United States and Canada. We notify our customers with the most comprehensive details while moving their load and spell out these steps in a detailed quote. Our logistic dispatchers will track and report to you in real time as the transportation route unfolds. Coordination of route planning and logistics to the permitting required across the states and in Canada we use sub-contractors that are needed along the way along with guidance from local and state agencies to stay within regulations and maintaining compliance. It is part of our DNA.

FBHQ supplies access to the best maintained trailers for custom transport for over dimensional trucking including double drop, stretch, RGN, step decks, and specialty dual lane trailers.

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Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc. is one the nation’s leading oversize trucking companies in the United States and Canada. FBHQ is also one of the most reliable flatbed oversize trucking companies offering professional moves from coast to coast. We have a reputation as one of the most experienced flatbed oversized shipping and hauling companies that you can rely on. When looking for an oversized shipping company that performs and executes to transportation standards as well as your own company’s expectations, then contact us today for a free quote or you can simply “Click Here” now to fill out the handy online quote form.