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Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc.'s specialized oversize division can handle any of your oversized freight specialty needs. In the last few years, we have invested strongly in heavy haul & flatbed trailers and tractors to meet the needs of our customers for any type of oversized freight transportation.

When a piece of equipment or object to be transported can not be taken apart into smaller shippable loads in size and or weight it can only be classified as oversized. Another classification is break bulk for freight that can not be shipped by air or loaded into an ocean container. Oversized equipment, large units and cargo that can not be moved in regular shipping containers are items that may need to be placed in a ships hold or on special weighted skids and pallets.

Oversized flatbed companies can move heavy break bulk cargo, items weighing over 100 tons like heavy engines and turbines. Other examples of break bulk loads are construction equipment, small planes, and boats. Items in break bulk cargo must be loaded as individual items and will usually require specialized equipment.

When considering your next over dimensional shipping project for industries like mining, marine, energy, petrochemical or oil and gas contact Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc. We have the expertise, the network, and the equipment for any type of Break Bulk load. The port of New Orleans features a full array of break bulk terminals and berthing space for any leg of your transportation route. The inland waterway system on the Mississippi River can accommodate direct discharge from ship to barge, vice versa.

If you need to ship an oversized or over weight flatbed load that exceeds standard legal limits, many details need to be considered. When thinking about shipping, an oversized or over weight flatbed load much research and planning needs to be accomplished; weight and axle limits, weather conditions, dismantling and reconstructing obstructions, permits, escorts, etc. State and Federal regulations can vary from state to state so there is more to it than turn the key and roll. Planning is key, so let our experts guide you through the process.

Our professional staff can handle the transportation needs of many diverse markets including, nuclear, aerospace, oil, clean energy and many more. Oversize flatbed hauling can be daunting if not handled by experienced and reputable Oversize Shipping Companies like FBHQ. FBHQ is one of the premier oversize flatbed shipping companies that you can use to direct your oversize shipping logistics from Point A to Point B.

Oversized loads shipping can only be moved best from a company that has experienced all facets of the oversized shipping services available today. Oversized flatbed companies with experience and positive revues can best be vetted for your needs. Ask our clients what they think. We can provide you with tributes that feature many of our flatbed oversized shipping clients.

Our Specialized Transport Division consistently ranks as one the top oversize shipping services and specialized carriers in the nation and is ready to move your oversize shipping using our years of experience and network of professional transportation specialists. Over Dimensional Shipping does not have to be complicated if handled by experienced professionals.