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Most Common Uses of Flatbed Trucks

A flatbed truck is far more than just an average vehicle used to carry loads. From heavy haul transportation and construction companies to general manufacturing and towing services, flatbed trucks are a vital part of any fleet operation.

As the name implies, a flatbed truck has a plain and completely leveled surface with no sides or roof. This open design is what makes such a truck highly versatile. Here are some of the most common uses of flatbed trucks.

Flatbed Trucks for Towing Services

Did you ever park in a ‘no parking’ zone and had your car towed away?

If you answered yes, then you already know one of the top most common uses of flatbed trucks.

Flatbed trucks are the perfect fit for tasks such as towing because their powerful engine can pull even the heaviest ground vehicles without any difficulty. The flat surface of the truck that has no bounded sides means that cars of all shapes and sizes can be loaded onto it with ease.

Flatbed Trucks in the Construction Industry

Whether you are involved in the construction of skyscrapers and infrastructure or simply observed a building under construction, you must have seen the giant rollers, cranes and the likes at work.

Although these heavy machines can be driven to the construction site directly, sometimes they need to be transported instead. Also, the heavy tools required in the construction industry and various other materials such as cement, wood, and steel reinforcements are all transported via flatbeds.

Flatbed Trucks in the Landscaping Business

Landscaping business refers to any activity that involves modifying the visible features of an area of land. Commercial landscaping means adjusting the natural layout of say, forests and deserts in order to make them more aesthetically pleasing or to utilize the land for a completely different purpose altogether.

Therefore, landscapers commonly use flatbed trucks as part of their daily work activities because these heavy haul transport vehicles can carry all the large oversized items. Gigantic trees, landscaping tools and different sizes of timber and other lumber that cannot fit into regular trucks are easily carried on flatbed trucks from their original location to the new destination.

Flatbed Trucks in Farming

Farmers and ranchers are always looking out for the best flatbed trucking companies. This is because these tough trucks can do a lot more than any other form of transportation. Flatbed trucks can carry heavy sacks of grain and feed as well as other farming equipment without worrying about the type of terrain. These trucks have a double tire configuration and that makes it possible to drive them on muddy and rough terrain.

Flatbed Trucks for Courier Services

Of course, flatbed trucks are not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of a courier service. But the fact is that even couriers companies often use flatbed trucks in completing their orders and delivering the products.

For instance, if someone sends heavy machinery parts or any other oddly shaped and heavy cargo that cannot be transported via aircraft or ocean freight, then the company has no choice except resorting to flatbed trucks to fulfill the purpose.

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