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Heavy Hauling FAQs

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Flatbed trucking companies have been on a roll, for the past few years. With the growth across various industries, the transport of heavy hauling loads and oversized materials has become a common sight on our highways.

However, many people are still unaware of how flatbed shipping services work. Here we have answered a list of frequently asked questions regarding flatbed trucking.

1. What is a Flatbed?

To understand how flatbed services work it is important first to know what a flatbed is. A flatbed is an oversized vehicle, used for transporting over-dimensional and heavy objects. As evident from its name, a flatbed has a flat back with no sides, no roof, and an open back.


Heavy Hauling FAQs


2. What are the Dimensions and Capacity of a Flatbed trailer?

A flatbed trailer is typically about 48 feet in length, 8.5 feet in width, and 10 feet in length. However, they are other varying dimensions of flatbed trailers available – depending on the legal requirements and the kind of shipment. Some flatbeds with extendable backs can also reach up to 80 feet.
Similarly, the capacity of a flatbed to carry weight can also vary depending on its design and use. But typically, a flatbed can carry up to 20.4 tons (48,000 pounds) on its back.

3. What Kind of Items are Shipped Using Flatbeds?

Flatbeds are used for shipping oversized and heavy hauler objects. Legally, every state in the US has different criteria for determining a load for OD (Over-dimensional) objects. Most items that are over 8.5 feet in width are considered over-dimensional.

You can practically transport any cargo that is wide and heavy on a flatbed. For example heavy machinery, vehicles, equipment, and even mobile homes. It mostly depends on the flatbed trucking companies and the kind of trailer they have available.

4. How are Products Loaded and Unloaded on a Flatbed?

Loading and unloading are easier on a flatbed as compared to other trailers because of their design. Since flatbeds are roofless, with no sides, or a back, they can be loaded and unloaded from any direction.

Normally, a flatbed is loaded and unloaded using forklifts. Unless your shipment has some special requirements, then particular equipment, for example, a crane, needs to be available.

5. Are Additional Accessories Required for Flatbed Shipping?

As mentioned earlier, this mostly depends on the kind of cargo that needs to be shipped but transporting heavy hauler loads can require additional accessories. Apart from cranes required for loading and unloading over-dimensional items, tarps are a common accessory used by flatbed trucking companies.

Other items like chains and corner protectors are also sometimes used to keep the items in place and ensure safe transport.

6. Why Should I Hire Flatbed Trucking Companies?

Flatbed trucking companies can be a huge help if your business requires the transportation of heavy and oversized items. Shipping over-dimensional items for a business is not only expensive and time-consuming but can also be very risky.

To ensure the safe transport of your heavy loads it is essential to hire experienced flatbed trucking companies. If you are also looking for one, you should take a look here.

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