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Flatbed Transportation Companies Near Me

Flatbed Transportation Companies Near Me
Big rig red classic long haul semi truck with flat bed semi trailer transporting tightened packed industrial lumber boards running on the turning winding road with hills and trees in sunny day

Flatbed Transportation Companies Near Me use different accessories to secure goods when transporting heavy equipment. The accessories allow the goods to remain secure while being transported over long distances through different terrains.

Here we will look at some of the common accessories that flatbed trucking companies use for transporting goods.

1. Winch Straps

Winch straps are used by flatbed trucking companies to secure heavy goods. They are 3-inch to 4-inch in size.

Also known as tie-down straps or ratchet straps, winch straps are used to hold down and fasten the cargo. They can be easily adjusted to transport different sizes of goods. The high tension of the straps secures the load during transportation.

Flatbed Transportation Companies Near Me

2. Transport Chain

Flatbed trucking companies also use high-grade transport chains to secure the load. The chains are generally made of high-quality carbon steel. They are made of varying lengths and widths. Common widths of the chains include 1/2 inch, 3/8 inch, and 5/16 inch.

3. Load Binders

Load binders are used to tie down heavy equipment on the flatbed truck. Also known as chain binders, the accessory has a ratcheting mechanism to tighten the chain. In addition, a lever is used as leverage to secure and tighten the load.

Every load binder has a working load limit (WLL). Experienced flatbed trucking companies use a binder that is appropriate for securing the load. For instance, five chains of 3000 pounds WLL will be required to secure a load of 15,000 pounds. The binder used for securing the load must be equal to or exceed the load weight.

4. Transport Tarps

Transport tarps can be used to secure all types of heavy equipment. Flatbed Transportation Companies Near Me use tarps that are specifically designed for steel, lumber, and other heavy goods. There are different types of tarps including:

  • Steel tarps
  • Lumber tarps
  • Machinery tarps
  • Tarp Ties

Reliable flatbed trucking companies use vinyl tarps. These tarps are durable that are suitable for securing heavy loads.

5. Flatbed Starter Kits

Flatbed Transportation Companies Near Me purchase starter kits to transport heavy goods. The starter kit contains accessories that are required to secure and cover the heavy equipment. A standard starter kit contains different types of accessories such as:

  • Winch strap with flat hook
  • Rubber tarp with crimped hooks
  • Winch strap winder
  • Winch bar with a slip-resistant tip

The kit will contain taps of different sizes. These accessories are used by flatbed trucking companies for properly securing the goods before they are transported.

6. Edge and Corner Protectors

Edge and corner protectors are used for securing the cargo. The protectors also prevent wear and tear of accessories used for transporting goods such as straps, tarps, and chains.

Flatbed Hauling Quotes has an expert and professional team that use the right accessories for loading and unloading goods. Our personnel makes sure that the goods are properly secured before transport. You can rest assured that your heavy equipment or machinery will be transported to the destination without any mishaps.


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