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Flatbed Shipping Delaware [DE]

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Delaware Checkpoint Strike Force Campaign

At each of the various checkpoints drug recognition experts are available to screen out the violators. The traffic operations section with an overall mission to reduce accidents partnered with the commercial vehicle enforcement unit performs a variety of safety orientated functions. Statewide record keeping, and the commercial vehicle weigh facilities are documenting the violations of the flatbed trucking industry. Portable scales are used to conduct impromptu vehicle weight checks and to ensure load size restrictions are adhered to.

Oversize and overweight vehicle load movements are strictly adhered too. For more information on heavy haul transportation a Special Duty officer can be contacted at 302-672-5460. A 48-hour notification is required along with a list of usual fees that need to be considered.

Delaware Technical Community College offers a diploma program for commercial transportation. Anyone that is interested in owning or managing a flatbed trucking service a program like this will prepare you with the insight to determine if it’s for you. It will also supply a foundation of knowledge to increase your skill level and make you aware of any areas that you would need to drill down on. Also, as an aid to prepare you to take your CDL licenses for either type A or B.

Areas include motor fleet safety, flatbed haulers vehicle systems, the latest in computer applications including the newly mandated ELD mandates. Business relations, mathematics and composition are studied to prepare a driver to advance his career to a level that is both rewarding and fulfilling whether driving or managing.

During this course students will learn and operate flatbed trucking equipment on public roadways. Students will learn to identify defects in the mechanical and hydraulic systems of these vehicles during and after a road trip. An extended effort will focus on backing this equipment up to a loading dock including blind side skills. Safely coupling and uncoupling these typical over the road transportation units along with safe cargo handling procedures are covered in detail. Safety, legalities, best route selections, fuel usage, distance calculations, regulations, expenses and general needs are ingrained in these instructions.

Down the Road: Planned improvements will include expansion of many two-lane roads to four. Additional signalization will be installed to ease the flow aiding safety on Delaware’s roads. Some of the future pointing improvements include variable speed limit signs, dash cams, fixed video cams, real time roadway weather information, computer aided dispatch, microwave detection, signal system loop detectors, automatic traffic recorders, Bluetooth detection, traffic advisory radio [WTMC 1380 am], variable message signs, traffic signals to control competing traffic flows, weigh stations to remove unsafe loads and emergency access gate control.