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Flatbed Shipping Alabama [AL]

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Flatbed Shipping and the Trucking Industry Deliver for Alabama’s Economy

Clearly the dominant transportation industry in Alabama is trucking. Dry van shipping and flatbed shipping are responsible for moving most of the goods in the state of Alabama. These goods are moved efficiently and safely fueling the diverse economies of the state.

Alabama has programs that teach regular car drivers the ins and outs of what to expect from truck drivers. They are teaching automobile operators about blind spots, braking distances and the safe execution of lane mergers. The trucking industry is also embracing the safety measures of advanced technologies. ELD technology continues to be at the forefront of the trucking safety initiatives. Rightfully so the U. S. House refuses to delay the enforcement of the ELD regulations, sighting that supporting delays is just putting off the inevitable and leaving over all safety at a risk.

Flatbed Shipping and the Trucking Industry Deliver for Alabama’s Economy

Challenges to this daily safety on Alabama’s roads is challenged with the many bridge detours planned like in Birmingham on Interstate 59/20. Old outdated bridges are set for demolition and reconstruction this coming year. Delays are expected to in some lanes exceed three times in length. A one or two-hour delay will likely eat into many companies bottom line causing a kink in the cash flow of all operators. This will also have a trickledown effect to all local Birmingham business’s. Driving west through downtown will cause most of the delays.

In the fall of 2018 detours will require all transportation to travel over 30 miles to get past the bottle necks of local traffic. Some companies are preparing alternate drop zones to help manage the logistics of these detours and eliminate the slow drip of wasted resources experienced by these construction delays.
Interstate 459 will take the brunt of the redirected traffic for this projected of a 14 month rebuild. Officials assure the public and businesses that the long-term results will exhibit substantial increases in efficient travel and these efforts are necessary in the evolution of a progressive and safer Birmingham.
The Alabama DOT plans on an extensive network of electronic billboards to aid in informing drivers of the daily changes to get from point A to point B. The UAB Health System and The Trauma Communications Center are also forward thinking how logistics of the first responder networks will be effected and how they can move quickly in times of emergencies.

The ATA is also taking an aggressive effort to highlight drivers that have shown exceptional safety practices. At the fleet safety awards banquet the top fleets were honored. Alabama driver of the year Larry Parker was awarded for his responsible and professional safety practices while working for Buddy Moore Trucking. He has been driving for them for over 16 years and passes his 36 years of experience to his fleet of drivers. He is the example that we need to highlight for the culture of safety first drivers.

DOWN THE ROAD: Alabamians can rejoice in and expect the rebuilt infrastructure to handle the steady increase in population. In the past, the investments made for transportation have not been able to keep up with the growth demand. Surely everyone in Alabama will breathe a sigh of relief once they can enjoy the upgrades.