Wide Load Trucking

Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc.'s specialized wide load trucking experts can handle any of your trucking specialty requirements.

Permitting for wide load trucking companies in North America must be obtained for each state that your load is passing through before the driver hits the road. These permits will focus on the type of load being moved and the nature of its logistical details. Permits are usually issued for one-way movement and limited to five days. Round trip permits can be issued for more experienced haulers. Electronic supplemental permits for any revisions can be issued after the original permits in writing are issued.

Driver experience is a leading concern when moving these specialty loads. You don’t just need a truck driver, you need a Professional heavy haul driver. These drivers are held to a much higher level of certification. Heavy haul drivers that can operate a crane will certainly save you time and money. The company must have the proper and increased Insurance coverage for these specialty loads.

A wide load trucking companies’ equipment must be able to handle the specialty cargo that you are moving. Non professionals tend to overreach the capacities of their equipment at times trying to maximize income. This is dangerous and can precipitate fines and jail time. Always be certain that the loads are secured and moved to regulatory guidelines to insure compliance at any given checkpoint. With wide load trucking there is no room for mistakes. There are many types of trailers that can be used depending on the cargo; common trailers are flatbeds, step decks, goosenecks, drop decks and lowboys. The trailer must be matched to the cargo accurately.

Also know that regulations can vary from state to state and in Canada, especially the allowed travel times and the acceptable roads to use. Ignorance is never a defense if you experience a violation. You must trust in one of the most experienced wide load trucking companies like FBHQ to advise you on all the regulatory in’s and out’s when moving wide load trucking cargo.

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