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Wide Load Trucking

Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc.'s specialized wide load trucking experts can handle any of your trucking specialty requirements.

In the United States a wide load is a load or vehicle that is wider than eight feet six inches. Each state can very in its restrictions, so it is very important that you use wide load trucking companies with experience and resources nationwide. FBHQ can help with all wide load examples like bulldozers, cranes, steel beams, aerospace, combines, tractors, wind blades, manufactured homes and satellite dishes; just to name a few of these types of wide loads.

When preparing to move using wide load trucking you must consider exact measurements and weights so that the correct equipment can be considered in executing the move to your expectations. In preparing your transport a few of the key details that a shipper needs to consider are knowing the legal limits across all states in the planned route for these wide flatbed loads.

Legal load width and height are both one hundred and two inches, eight feet six inches either way. Length legally is usually forty-eight to fifty-three feet and the legal weight around 46,000 pounds depending on the weight of the empty tractor and trailer's tare weight. You can find state by state specifics here using this state transportation directory.

You must also know that the weights are set to specific axle weights, so positioning the load correctly on the flatbed may save the need for permits.
If the wide load trucking width exceeds the legal limit it may require a pilot vehicle and loads over twelve feet wide may require two pilot vehicles in the front and back of the truck. Another key factor is that permits will not be issued if a load can be feasibly broken down into two separate loads. Escorts are responsible to warn the driver of any special circumstances such as accidents, construction zones, bridges, low wires, traffic jams, etc.

When moving these loads wide load trucking companies will also take into consideration as part of the overall freight charges accessorial charges such as hotels for overnight moves, etc. Scheduling must be thought out in detail and is a major consideration to stay within budget. You may only be able to travel during daylight hours and be prohibited from weekend and holiday transport moves.

In summary shipping oversize loads can be a challenge but is usually the best cost-effective way to get your load moved from point to point. Most important you must stay informed up to date on all regulations and laws for each state along the route. Legal and safe is the bottom line.

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