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Five year Five Billion Dollar Road Plan for Indiana ad I-495

This plan in Indiana will include resurfacing of almost 10,000 miles of roadway. It will also include repairs and replacements of over 1300 bridges. Finally, in the state of Indiana much needed work to roadways will be underway. The Governor publicized the 5-year plan in 2017 for this massive maintenance and construction plan to increase the safety of roadways in the Hoosier state.

Portions of the final leg of interstate sixty-nine and the much-needed maintenance of Interstate 465 as well as parts of I-70 and I-65 will be included. Keystone Avenue and Town line bridges will be replaced. This plan does not include the already funding of 342 million for local projects.

Funds always a challenge for states to fund the repairs for safe roads is driven by an increase in fuel taxes and motor vehicle fees to the tune of 1.25 billion annually. This is good news for residents s these fees will be paid for as they are executed not leaving the state in the red.

In Marion county alone, the Indiana department of transportation will fund the replacement or repair of 75 bridges, add over 18 lane miles, and resurface over 270 lane miles.

All these enhancements despite their temporary inconvenience will have a large impact on the economic growth of Indiana not to mention the increased employment of temporary construction jobs of over 10,000 positions.

In this current budget consideration for the impact of tolls to sustain the road funding plan is not even considered. Tolls are being considered as the substance that will be needed to maintain the program. For many years to come.

Another hurdle that was recently remedied was the state management take over from financially struggling delay riddled independent managers. The Governor assured the residents that they will see and be able to monitor the transparent timely unfolding of these projects.

In place for several years now are new technologies using high definition cameras to read license plate numbers of flatbed transportation carriers as they roll by an inspection weigh station that instantly populates the trucks safety compliance history and information of the driver alerting inspectors of any past safety violations. Read More...

Down the Road:  Indiana plans to grow the logistics infrastructure designed to increase the flow of goods through all modes of transportation by reducing bottlenecks and congestion, thereby increasing flatbed shipping and all forms of commercial movement of these goods. The additional employment opportunities will have a large impact on the economy of Indiana and will also help in the stability of maintaining these improvements well into the future.