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Flatbed Shipping Illinois [IL]

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Illinois Governor Candidates Suggest Transportation Fixes, Etc.

These candidates know that the highways are crumbling, the trains are always delayed, and the expressways are congested. The transportation grid is in desperate need of an upgrade. Each of these candidates is offering different solutions on how to pay for these upgrades.

Excluding airports, waterways, and railways it will cost billions in additional funding just to keep up with scheduled repairs and make needed improvements. The transportation system’s budget in Illinois has been squeezed year after year as funding has been on a decline.

As autos and flatbed shipping has become more fuel efficient the motor carrier fuel taxes cannot keep up with the current maintenance and construction demands. To make up for this budget swing candidates are suggesting cuts in other areas along with higher fuel taxes as well as a tax on people that work in Illinois but reside in another state. The need for a comprehensive infrastructure plan perhaps funded federally taking into consideration and targeting each state’s needs.

The state of Illinois has one of the largest multi-modal transportation systems in the nation. This system includes roads, railways, airways, canals, terminals, waterways, buses, warehouses, and intermodal facilities. Because of its centralized location Illinois plays an essential role in the flatbed transportation of goods and services in the nation.

The state’s transportation system is responsible for maintaining these systems. Economic growth is the most important factor in sustaining the quality and growth of maintaining a safe transportation network. Reporting with real-time broadcasting systems is key to ensuring the best possible safety and efficient execution of the many maintenance and construction projects.

The Illinois Department of Transportation’s website is making road conditions in real time a priority. Drivers can access this information conveniently in a timely manner to make the necessary adjustments ensuring the safest judgments in flatbed shipping safety.

“Getting around Illinois” allows real-time data on weather conditions allowing the ability for drivers to zoom in on travel routes and the ability to target exact locations. The color scheming matches surrounding states offering a consistent graphical user interface. This site is mobile friendly and is updated hourly and daily using a cloud base technology system.

Down the Road: Collision mitigation technology featuring bumper mounted hardware and a camera mounted to the windshield broadcasting in real-time information about the flatbed trucking systems. Systems monitoring brakes, engine and transmission systems will document needed data to improve and enhance driver safety by mitigating collisions.