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Flatbed Shipping Idaho [ID]

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Recent legislation in Idaho permits vehicles weighing up to 129,000 pounds to now travel the Interstate system in Idaho. Continued support from the oversized load trucking companies and the general public will be necessary to make sure that safety is foremost. Bedsides truck weights this bill will address operational standards. Safety concerns should be addressed in ways that are implementable and relate to all safety results. All parties strive to insure efficiency and above all fairness in the process of these heavy haul trucking permits. This new legislation will be looking at all over dimensional shipping in excess of eighty thousand pounds. Safety is the driving force for these regulations and can be easily adhered to through the participation of all parties in the state of Idaho.

One of the greatest challenges in Idaho today is getting potatoes to market. There is such a shortage of qualified commercial truck drivers servicing flatbed freight companies that goods are not making it to market on a regular basis. Potatoes, beets, and cattle all prime goods of Idaho are not getting to market easily these days. This is not exclusive to Idaho, it is a nationwide issue and is forecasted to continue across the nation. The competition for flatbed transportation carriers is driving up the shipping costs and trickling down to consumers.

100,000 truck drivers need to be added yearly to keep up with demand and with a median salary of $40,000 this is quickly becoming a non-favorable career choice because of Idaho’s low unemployment numbers. Idaho continues to be a hot job environment.

Potato shipping has been slowly replaced by the better paying shipments of fertilizer.
Incentives to recruit drivers are being instituted to make this a more attractive career choice. Because of the demands of flatbed trucking younger generations are not coming into the workforce in sufficient numbers to offset the retiring drivers. The major reason for this is the unattractive aspect of being away from family in a gypsy type lifestyle.

Colleges are finally trying to step up to the plate with the appropriate educational alternatives. Driving and management of fleets is being taught to entice all levels of transportation entrepreneurs. Complete courses in simulated environments are being implemented.

Another problem facing the potential of new drivers besides long hours are the regulations and rules that bare being strictly enforced today. Now we have the most current of these in the recent ELD mandate.

Down the Road: Salaries must rise to make flatbed freight companies once again an attractive place to cement a career. The conundrum here is how to keep the prices of Idaho produce and meat competitive.