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Flatbed Shipping Georgia [GA]

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Georgia is a Transportation Gateway to the World

Georgia is the super Hub of the southeast for transportation. Most states can receive deliveries within two days from the air, railway, ports, and trucking networks. For Georgia, this is a tremendous competitive advantage, especially for flatbed shipping transportation. Because of this strategically located hub; railway, air and port transportation help in fueling the trucking industries successful and profitable economies. Georgia has been acknowledged for being the number one state for business three years in a row and has a leading infrastructure system supplying access to all the worlds global markets.

The systems in place at Deepwater ports in Savannah and Brunswick facilitate global trade with the most advanced and modern terminals. This is possible because of a financial commitment of one and a half billion dollars in capital investments for equipment and ongoing improvements. Part of this budget is initiating the abilities to facilitate the New Panamax larger vessels. Savings of over 200 million are expected because of these constant upgrades. This clearly puts Georgia in the forefront for serious global industries and their logistics planning.

Atlanta International airport is the world’s busiest and most efficient airport to date adding to the global access for cargo shipments. With the advanced railway systems, Atlanta claims to be the second major inland port in the world allowing reliability and lower cost for intermodal trucking transportation.

In every supply chain efficiencies in truck, transportation is vital to the success of the other transportation modes. The excellent conditions of the high-performance and large capacity interstate roadways in Georgia are the main reason for the reliable and speedy movement of dry van and flatbed shipping transportation.

Distribution and warehousing companies are unparalleled allowing global reach for any sized companies whether a small startup or a larger well-established corporation looking to facilitate rapid expansion. All these states of the art benefits are at their fingertips if they are willing to set up shop in Georgia. In fact, most of the world’s top 3PL companies are in Georgia. Savannah’s import distribution centers are the most concentrated on the United States east coast featuring over three million square feet of warehousing within 30 miles of the port of Savannah. The state can also lay claim to three of the five busiest refrigerated container capacity warehouses on the east coast and gulf coast states.

Georgia is a Transportation Gateway to the World, especially for flatbed shipping transportation.

The Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics supports companies in their evaluations to relocate to Georgia. Their many resources include information on pricing benchmarks, economic trends, and educational events. The Georgia Logistics Summit held every spring is one of the United States largest logistics events bringing together a forum of the world’s top logistics experts to brainstorm solutions for the growing transportation industry.

Also in aiding the states marketing and sales efforts, The Georgia Department of Economic Development helps in attracting new business and accenting opportunities from growing companies. They help in providing resources for education, expansion, the location of new markets, and economic development.

DOWN THE ROAD: The state plans to spend two billion in providing truck only lanes. The plans are for 40 miles of I-75 between Macon and McDonough. Top officials are convinced that these lanes will reduce congestionand make the roadways safer.