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Flatbed Shipping Florida [FL]

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Predicting Florida’s future for trucking has become increasingly dynamic.

The population in the state of Florida has increased to 20 million so you can see the added volume of transporting goods has demanded that the state keep up with a network of roads to meet this demand. Consider, will the economy of Florida stick with tourism, construction and agriculture or will it embrace and nurture other industries as well?

The 2060 Florida Transportation Plan [FTP] offers up a 50-year plan to shape Florida’s transportation industries. Key focus targets handling the growing population in stride and providing for the transport of freight and people using the latest technologies. There are three key sections in this agreement including the latest trends and opportunities, long range goals and real-time reporting.

50 years ago, the opening of the first lanes in the new Florida Turnpike and the Interstate Highway System moved Florida’s economy forward at sonic speeds known as a gateway to space. With the attention on Cape Canaveral and the expansion of the tourism port of calls for the Cruise industry there was no looking back for Florida.

As we look ahead the dynamics of change in Florida’s population will highlight a very different outlook for transportation needs in the state. Visitors increase yearly, retirees relocate at an alarming pace and innovation is a leading driving force for new creative industries like aerospace, life sciences, and clean energy.

The peninsula of Florida and its southerly location make it a global hub to move goods in and out of the United states. Proximity to the Panama Canal is an advantage as well. The state of Florida is quickly becoming one of the country’s most stable and prosperous megaregion’s.

An expected shift to the increased volume of small packages being delivered will be a direct result of more people choosing to work from home and purchase goods online. Causing the decline in one transportation footprint to directly increase the footprint of another. The newest and best vehicle transportation technologies will help shape future options for moving freight down the road on Florida highways.

A few things Florida will need to address looking ahead is the upgrade and modernization of its spaceports and the ability to fund and add expansion lanes to the existing interstate highway system. Oddly, most of the public has little concern for the importance of moving goods from Point A to Point B. They should be aware that their quality of life can greatly improve with these efforts.

Multiple perspectives should be studied. Congested urban areas will require a balance of use with environmental concerns and the innovative suggestions that they fuel. One of the goals of the Florida State Agencies is to showcase and become a world leader in development and implementation of the most advanced transportation solutions in moving freight and people. This new connectivity will need to advance in these three areas; regions and states, communities within the regions and specific localities within the communities.

Down The Road: Florida must embrace this growing globally competitive economy, manage its vibrant communities, and promote healthy environments with safe and secure reliable transportation. Multiple integrated options for moving people and freight along with responsible stewardship will keep these initiatives in the right lane.