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Specialize transportation rates along with normal rates have reached all time highs so far this year. It will be quite a challenge this year to make the right logistics decisions. Domestic as well as global economies are growing at a rapid pace, its as simple as supply and demand. The improving U.S. economy is causing all transportation rates to escalate as the trucking network rallies to keep up with increased volume demand.
Driver shortages and the recent enforcement of ELD mandates are causing havoc as well. Weather has not helped and has increased fuel charges to boot! A growing sector in manufacturing has led to these increased volumes and putting an additional strain on the available carriers servicing the United States. Trucking companies are finding it difficult to recruit new talent, so it is impossible to predict a reversal if the economy continues growing at the current pace.

Only 2.5% of applicants meet most flatbed freight companies requirements putting the major blame of the supply constraint seen in the trucking industry clearly on the shoulders of the limited skill level available in the current over the road drivers pool.

Some of the current issues that contribute to this are full employment, more attractive opportunities available to the workforce outside of trucking, an increase in the retirements of baby boomers, lower wages and irregular hours taking drivers away from home sometimes for weeks at a time.

Shortage of drivers for expanding fleets will keep trucking capacity constrained and all flatbed freight companies rates unusually high. Specialize transportation will also be affected by these issues. ELD mandates are helping with safety but are restricting a driver’s time behind the wheel.  Net, net another 10% loss in daily driving time is being realized by most of the responsible drivers.

Without a backup of oil surplus like other years fuel charges have increased impacting the increase in rates adding to the transportation strains.

The weather in 2017 was miserable for transportation in the United States; tornadoes, flooding, wildfires, and hurricanes were frequent and required extended recovery efforts. These disasters rerouted already shortened specialize transportation resources, negatively impacting capacity to aid in these disaster relief areas. This added to the strain that flatbed freight companies are experiencing in equipment, scheduling and profits.
Looking forward into this year the ability to rebuild the damages incurred from these disasters will continue the strain on capacity and the current much longer transit times keeping flatbed freight rates at these current higher levels. It does not seem that the weather wants to break this year already dumping record amounts of snow and showing longer seasonal colder temperatures.

The current volatility of the logistics in moving freight has never been greater for almost 30 years. Unfortunately, if you want scheduled capacity, an increase in your budget of over 10% will be required, so plan for it. Relief is not foreseen for anytime soon.

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