Flatbed Trucking Near Me: What You Should Know?

Are you wondering where you can find flatbed trucking near me in the United States? If so, you are at the right place.

flatbed trucking near me

Flatbed freight is suitable for transporting oversized cargo that is unusual in shape. The particular design of a flatbed vehicle makes it possible to load heavy-sized goods from the top, back, or sides. Since there are no walls, cranes and forklifts won’t be needed to lift the equipment or parts high off the ground for loading.

Materials Transported by Flatbed Shipping Companies

Flatbed shipping companies can transport different types of materials. Here we will take a look at the equipment that can be shipped by the Flatbed shipping companies for different industries.

Construction Companies

Flatbed shipping companies can transport building materials used in house construction. The flatbed vehicles can carry scaffolding, lumber, steel beams, bricks, rods, and concrete for the construction companies. They can also haul away heavy scrap metal from the transport site.

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WSU-NIAR applauds efforts of organizations involved in second heavy haul B1-B transport

heavy haul


With the safe arrival of its second B-1B, the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) at Wichita State University would like to recognize the organizations responsible for preparing, transporting and unloading B-1B 86-0101, the “Watchman,” on its final 165-mile journey from Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City to NIAR’s Aircraft Structural Test and Evaluation Center in Park City, Kans.

At 130 feet long, 29 feet wide, and 16 feet tall, the transport required the team to navigate tight turns, twisting roads and steep inclines, clearing many obstacles by mere inches. Planning a route for this extremely oversized load requires skill to minimize the impact on public transportation and assure the safety of both the public and airframe, as it travels through rural Oklahoma and Kansas and into the city of Wichita.

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How Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Plan for Safety

Transporting oversized freight is no easy task for heavy haul trucking companies near me. These companies deliver valuable oversized items from one location to the next in a safe and efficient manner. However, their clients rarely realize how much effort these companies put into prioritizing safety on each delivery.

How Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Plan for Safety

Let’s look at the various safety measures heavy haul trucking companies near me use to keep their freight safe.

1.      Planning Routes in Advance

Moving oversized freight on roadways comes with many challenges. Many of these challenges are related to the freight’s dimensions. In the United States freight is considered oversized if it exceeds a width of 8 feet 6 inches or a height of 14 feet.

This means trucks carrying such freight will need to follow routes that can accommodate such sizes. Oversized freight may run into issues when driving through tunnels or under bridges on roadways. Similarly, some heavy haul trucks may have difficulty making sharp turns.

Heavy haul trucking companies near me, understand the potential dangers and delays poor route planning can create during the shipping process. For this reason, they plan their routes well in advance. This ensures their heavy haul trucks pass through areas the freight can safely cross.

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How to Choose Between Trucking Companies Near Me

Anyone that needs to transport oversized items on roadways will need services from a flatbed shipping company. These companies specialize in transporting oversized items that can’t fit in enclosed truck trailers. If you are interested in using such services, you may be wondering how to choose between Trucking Companies.

Flatbed shipping companies that are transporting oversized items are required to have insurance coverage.

You can use the following steps to pick the right company for the job.

1.      Use the Internet

You can draw up a long list of flatbed shipping companies by performing a quick Google search for the term “Trucking Companies Near Me”. You may stumble onto the company’s website, or find lists of such companies in your area.

You should remember to avoid going with the first flatbed shipping company you find, and should instead spend some time assessing each option.

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Reasons Why You Should Hire Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Fresno, CA

If you’re working on large-scale construction projects, you will most likely need to transport heavy machinery, equipment, and other cargo. However, moving such machinery can be a challenge as there are various factors to account for to ensure the safety of your crew and your equipment. Thus, it’s best to leave such transportation processes to the professionals. Therefore, this article will provide a few reasons why you would need services from heavy haul trucking and over dimensional trucking companies near me in Fresno, CA.

over dimensional trucking companies near me

You Need to Swap Heavy Machinery

In the construction business, heavy equipment eventually breaks down after years of use. In that case, you will need to replace the old heavy machinery with new ones to ensure that there are no major hiccups in your construction activity. Therefore, a heavy haul trucking company can remove the old machinery from the construction site and deliver the new investment.

You Intend to Move Your Facilities

If you want to move your facilities to a new location, miles away from your existing one, you will need assistance from professional heavy haul trucking companies in Fresno, CA. Moving heavy cargo can get damaged during a move if the appropriate safety and security protocols are not met. Professional heavy haulers and over dimensional trucking companies near me are aware of these measures and have access to specialized equipment, such as rigging equipment, to ensure the move is as smooth as possible. Continue reading “Reasons Why You Should Hire Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Fresno, CA”

Safety Tips for Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Maryland: What You Must Know

It can be as dangerous as it is challenging to transport heavy, oversized cargo, such as relocating machinery. That is why you must ensure that the heavy haul trucking companies in Maryland that you consider must follow appropriate safety protocols. This way, both your cargo and other vehicles on the road will be out of harm’s way during the loading, transportation, and unloading.


Heavy haul trucking companies in Maryland


To ensure that your heavy cargo reaches its new destination in the condition you left it in, your heavy haul trucking company must follow these safety tips. Thus, you should question the process that heavy haul trucking companies in Maryland use to guarantee they follow all necessary safety protocols. Also, by knowing these safety tips yourself, as a customer, you can keep correct any operation that your trucking company does incorrectly. Here’s what you need to know.

The Trucking Company Must Ask for the Transport Destination at Advance

Great heavy haul trucking companies in Maryland must always ask their clients for the route in advance. This is because there are some roads that support certain weights while others do not. Therefore, with preliminary information on the type of cargo you wish to transport, the trucking company will then determine which specific roads it must take to reach the destination. This way, it can study the map, select the route, and prevent breaking any traffic violations or possibly damaging your cargo due to poor route management.


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3 Ways Professionals Manage Risks Associated With Heavy Haul Transporting

Essentially, the risks associated with heavy haul transporting can be categorized into four types: equipment, personnel, environment, and management.

Heavy haul transporting weather risks

Successful transportation of massive cargo requires heavy haul permits, careful monitoring of load per axle, and extra help navigating traffic. If the shipment is tall, it warrants more attention and effort to ensure the truck can safely fit under the wires and traffic lights.

Simply put, driving a heavy haul vehicle is more difficult than it may seem. Poor road conditions, busy job sites, and close-quarters increase the risk probability.

So, how do professionals manage risks associated with heavy haul transporting to ensure freight safety without compromising the safety of everyone else on the road?

Here are three rules professional companies follow for effective risk management.

1.    They Know and Follow the Right Routes

It is crucial to decide on heavy haul transporting routes carefully. Each state like heavy haul trucking companies in Houston Texas has its own set of rules regarding the legal freight dimensions and weight. On top of that, heavy haul permits decide which routes are ideal for heavy haul trucks and at what time it is safe to be on the road.

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Working With Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Illinois: What You Must Know

Transporting heavy, oversized cargo, including construction equipment and industrial materials, may be challenging if you don’t know the ins and outs of moving a heavy load. While working with heavy haul trucking companies in Illinois is a smart move, you must have proper knowledge in order to prevent logistical risks and challenges.

Generally, heavy freight warrants careful handling and routing. You may also need some permits, as heavy haul trucks are not allowed on all roadways.

To ensure a smooth and pleasant transportation process with heavy haul trucking companies in Illinois, you must know what a heavy haul freight is, what weight limitations may apply, and what additional requirements may be needed.

Characteristics of an Oversized Load

A shipment is considered oversized or overweight if it exceeds the standard legal transporting limitations. While each state has its own set of rules for heavy haul transportation, the general rule is that any cargo that exceeds the measurements below is considered oversized or overweight.

Working With Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Illinois
Characteristic of oversized Load
  • 6 feet in width
  • 6 feet in height
  • 80,000 pounds in weight
  • 48 to 53 feet in length

When looking for heavy haul trucking companies in Illinois, don’t forget to double-check their freight measurements requirements.

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Trucking Efficiency Improves As Flatbed Carriers Embrace Technology

In an all-out effort to reduce deadhead mileage in the trucking industry flatbed carriers are embracing technology that helps reduce these miles. Standard and flatbed heavy haul companies are using this technology to reduce the carbon footprint one load and one mile at a time.

Trucking Efficiency Improves As Flatbed Carriers Embrace Technology
Trucking Efficiency Improves As Flatbed Carriers Embrace Technology

These industries are reported to contribute up to 28 per cent of the carbon emissions problem as the supply chain demands these higher mileage heavier loads to keep the current market trends balanced. Annually it is reported that 10.8 billion tons of freight are moved to represent 70 per cent of goods in the domestic market. Regulations are in place to reduce the impact of these emissions for standard and heavy haul flatbed freight companies allowing the standards that are set to control the greenhouse gas emissions, however, these alone are not sufficient.

Almost half of the industry is driving these empty miles on a regular basis when returning containers back to port. These empty miles are still contributing to the pollution problem and can only be balanced if they in fact are moving freight so that the pollution is at least taking place when transporting goods and keeping the supply chain as current as possible.

Flatbed trucking companies continue to look at technology to drastically cut down on emissions while still moving goods safely and timely with an efficient logistical approach. An approach like this will help to sustain the continued reduction for flatbed trucking services in managing the supply chains responsibly.

Trucking Efficiency Improves As Flatbed Carriers Embrace Technology


New and developing technological solutions are being used to improve the efficiencies of the empty mile conundrum. App-based programs that can facilitate the linking of empty containers and nearby loads ready to transport are showing very favorable results. Containers that return to port loaded are drastically cutting down on the empty miles that are currently plaguing the standard and flatbed heavy haul companies.

Street turns as they are referred to in the industry are eliminating the needless emissions that are pushed into the environment without moving freight cutting down the empty miles issue. Other areas that are being worked on as these algorithms are updated address the managing of capacity data and the optimization of a driver’s day to day work scheduled hours. The added ability to intercept a driver and his trailer at a moments notice for redirection helps to keep the supply chain fulfilled more efficiently as well as increasing the driver’s compensation. It a win-win for the driver, equipment haulers and the environment. Idle time at the port is curbed and the highly congested times are eliminated by assigning gate and lane times on the fly.

By leveraging data to reduce these current pollution issues for the millions of truckloads already being moved to fulfil the supply chain a more sustainable and efficient effort will be managed. The management of idle times, deadhead and empty miles add multi-level benefits to carriers benefiting to green initiatives at the same time maintaining environmental responsibilities all around.

2020 Holiday Supply Chain Volatility for Van and Flatbed Freight Companies

During this COVID 19 pandemic, the trucking industry is facing many complications. Challenges to move goods using key supply chains and components are compromising deliveries. Transport challenges that van and flatbed trucking carriers. This holiday season has added a strain on flatbed transportation carriers throughout the nation.

Staple goods like toilet paper and others are hard to keep on the shelves so that strategic supplies can be moved to hospitals and health care providers as needed. These goods need to be moved as part of this essential operation. Some manufacturers such as auto production facilities shifted their production lines to manufacture personal protective supplies.

2020 Holiday Supply Chain Volatility for Van and Flatbed Freight Companies
2020 Holiday Supply Chain Volatility for Van and Flatbed Freight Companies

Van and flatbed transportation companies shifted priorities to move these essential goods explaining the empty shelves for other more staple items at stores across the nation. As this latest type of supply map was accepted as the new normal flow of goods; responsibilities, assets, personnel, and processes were balanced in everyday changes to accomplish this new normal needed to fight back the pandemic.

The best managers that can adapt to these changes will survive all others that may be more intelligent or stronger.

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