Dry Van Trucking vs. Refrigerated Shipping and Flatbed Trucks

Dry Van Trucking vs. Refrigerated Shipping and Flatbed Trucks.

Are you relocating and need to transfer all your household furniture and stuff to your new house? Whether you are looking for oversize trucking companies to move your personal items, for business and office relocation or for any other reason, before you can transport freight successfully, you need to know the different types of equipment movers that are available for hire.

From dry vans and refrigerated trucks to flatbed haulers and each of their uses, take a look at the different types of trailers used in oversize load trucking.

Dry Vans

Dry van shipping is perhaps the most preferred and commonly used option for certain types of heavy equipment transportation. These vehicles comprise a durable box on wheels that is enclosed from all sides to secure the load that is to be transferred. A door at the back provides access to the container. Dry vans do not have the feature to control the temperature inside the trailer and are best suited for carrying pallets, boxes of cargo or any other similar equipment.

Merits of Dry Van Trucking

  • Oversized shipping companies that offer dry van trucking services are easy to find.
  • Dry vans are highly versatile. From non-perishable food items to building materials and more, they can transport various types of stuff.
  • The need for chains, straps and other similar things is eliminated as the cargo is covered from all sides and protected from the harsh weather conditions as well as theft.
  • Dry vans simplify the loading and unloading procedures for drivers.

Refrigerated Trucks

As the name suggests, refrigerated trucks or refers are temperature-controlled trailers that are best for shipping items that are sensitive to temperature changes.

Merits of Refrigerated trucks

  • These trailers provide mild refrigeration as well as deep freeze containers to safely transport perishable food items such as meat, dairy, fresh produce and so on.
  • The cargo is protected from damages due to weather, theft, and spoilage during the journey.
  • Refrigerated trucks are easily available from many oversized shipping companies because fresh products are always in demand..

Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed carriers can be divided into further types, but they all have one feature in common – a long flat area for carrying the load. Depending on its size, length, structure, maximum load-carrying ability and the presence or absence of box, flatbeds can be categorized into standard flatbeds, drop decks, double-drop flatbed, lowboys or extendable trailers.

Merits of Flatbed Carriers

  • Flatbeds are the first choice for heavy equipment transportation where the load exceeds the dimension or maximum-weight limit of other trailers.
  • They are also used in cases where the freight cannot be loaded or unloaded from a standard dock.
  • Flatbed haulers are in high demand in the trucking industry and therefore, can be found with ease.
  • Flatbed shipping companies experience the lowest driver turnover because the amount of money earned by flatbed carriers per each mile is considerably higher than that earned by most of the other heavy equipment movers.

This covers the three most important types of trailers used in oversize shipping. For a deeper insight into flatbed carriers, read more about the common uses of flatbed trucks.

Dry Van Trucking vs. Refrigerated Shipping and Flatbed Trucks

How to save money when flatbed shipping

How to save money when flatbed shipping

Most customers start their week planning to ship their products out, but what many customers don’t understand is that the beginning of the week is the worst time to ship because rates are at their highest.

Drivers come off the weekend like a “loaded gun”, thinking they are the only truck available for you. This encourages them to start the week demanding a much higher rate. Whether you are shipping an oversize flatbed load or just standard flatbed freight it is always beneficial to wait towards the end of the week. You just might save your company 20 to 30 percent. As the week dwindles on the capacity of flatbed trucking loads decreases and the drivers have fewer choices as to what loads they must choose from. By weeks end they are left stuck with no freight at all because they were too eager to hit the “holy grail the mother of all mother flatbed loads”, at your expense.

Always ask your flatbed shipper if there is any benefit to ship later in the week and make sure to compare rates.

There are many ways to save money, however, there are a few things to consider when shipping a flatbed heavy haul or standard flatbed shipment. You just can’t forget about the oversized permitted loads that require police and escorts. These type of flatbed loads require planning and it may not be cost-effective to hold for the weekend because of the additional services like escorts and police. Some states are not permitted for travel on weekends or after dark. You wouldn’t want to get caught up paying for hold over downtime when proper planning could have of avoided that.

If you decide to use flatbed shipping you need to take the time to talk to a reputable agent. You should also make sure that they have a vast background in flatbed trucking. If you don’t, buyer beware you may find yourself paying for hidden costs because the agent either did not have the level of expertise that you deserve or have your best interest in mind. These agents are working in a very stressful “time is money” environment and at times will move4 on to the next client too quickly so that they can make sure they make their quota for the day.

How to save money when flatbed shipping

Safety Concerns in the Heavy Haul Trucking Industry

Safety hats on a trailer

When it comes to safety in the heavy haul trucking industry, things can often look bleak. Heavy haul transportation services are one of the most important services required by businesses and individuals alike. But this adventurous job is also one of the riskiest jobs as driving a giant flatbed carrier for hours each day, coupled with hectic schedules and various other factors is surely not an easy task.

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Winter Safety Tips for Truckers: How to Avoid Accidents in the Cold Season

Safety tips for truckers in winter

Maneuvering a giant 18-wheeler or any other heavy-duty truck is hard enough on its own. Bring in a slick road, ever-changing weather conditions, and impaired road visibility due to fog or snowfall, and driving a truck during winters becomes the most difficult task on earth.

Staying safe on the road during the cold season is not an easy task. Icy roads can give a tough time to even the most experienced drivers in managing their vehicles. However, following a few precautionary measures is all it takes to reduce the risk of accidents and protect against harm. So, if you are a truck driver who is going to be out on the road in a cold season, here are some useful tips to drive safely in the winter.

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The Best Smartphone Apps for Truck Drivers

Useful apps for truck drivers

Driving for hour after hour without any company can indeed be very daunting and depressing. But who says trucking has to be difficult or boring? If you have a smartphone, you can have all the entertainment you need on the go. All you need to do is download some useful and engaging apps. And if you are wondering which ones are the best, here are some of the best smartphone apps for truck drivers.

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Types of Heavy Haul Transportation Equipment That You Must Know About

Heavy haul transportation equipment

From straight trucks and dry vans to flatbeds and step decks, there are several different types of heavy haul transportation equipment that you will come across. Whether you have taken up a new job in the heavy haul trucking industry or you are looking for the best method to move a certain heavy load, here are the different types of trucks and trailers that you ought to know about.

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Wellness on the Go: Health and Fitness Tips for a Truck Driver

Healthy truck drivers

Spending almost the entire day behind the wheel, with little to no time for healthcare and exercise, health issues are becoming increasingly common place for truck drivers.

While constantly sitting in the same position for long hours is a part of the job, the root of the issue lies in their daily diet. Here are a few tips (along with a bonus workout for truck drivers) that will help you stay fit in the trucking industry.

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Most Common Uses of Flatbed Trucks

Uses of flatbed trucks

A flatbed truck is far more than just an average vehicle used to carry loads. From heavy haul transportation and construction companies to general manufacturing and towing services, flatbed trucks are a vital part of any fleet operation.

As the name implies, a flatbed truck has a plain and completely leveled surface with no sides or roof. This open design is what makes such a truck highly versatile. Here are some of the most common uses of flatbed trucks.

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How Are Pets Beneficial To Truckers?

Roady, a handsome trucking Rottweiler, wasn’t getting much sleep.

Every night he stood guard over his owner, Tim Blevins, waiting for him to stop breathing. Blevins, a trucker from Cleveland, Okla., didn’t know he had severe sleep apnea, but several times a night Roady jammed his wet nose into Blevins’ face, startling the breath back into his lungs. When Blevins finally told his doctor about the nightly episodes, the doctor diagnosed sleep apnea and said Roady probably saved his life. “I had no idea what was going on, but Roady knew it wasn’t right,” Blevins says.

Roady, a trucking Rotweiller, dons cool shades. Tim Blevins’ (left) owner of Roady, believes his pet saved his life.

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Drop Decks vs. Flatbed Trucks: Which Is Your Best Bet?

If you run a business, you may often have to transport goods from one place to another. But instead of investing in expensive trucks and freight trailers, why not outsource the task to professional transporting services? Not only will this save your resources, but you can also focus on more important business operations.

Before you acquire professional services for transportation of heavy equipment, you should know about the different types of trailers. Flatbeds and drop decks are two prominent types of trailers and here are a few tips to help you decide which option will work best for you:

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