Flatbed Trucking Near Me: What You Should Know?

Are you wondering where you can find flatbed trucking near me in the United States? If so, you are at the right place.

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Flatbed freight is suitable for transporting oversized cargo that is unusual in shape. The particular design of a flatbed vehicle makes it possible to load heavy-sized goods from the top, back, or sides. Since there are no walls, cranes and forklifts won’t be needed to lift the equipment or parts high off the ground for loading.

Materials Transported by Flatbed Shipping Companies

Flatbed shipping companies can transport different types of materials. Here we will take a look at the equipment that can be shipped by the Flatbed shipping companies for different industries.

Construction Companies

Flatbed shipping companies can transport building materials used in house construction. The flatbed vehicles can carry scaffolding, lumber, steel beams, bricks, rods, and concrete for the construction companies. They can also haul away heavy scrap metal from the transport site.

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Flatbed Shipping Companies Near Me and in Boston, MA: What You Should Know about equipment transport?

Flatbed shipping companies in Boston, MA can transport various types of oversized goods. The transportation companies can transport everything from plumbing and construction materials to wind turbines and airplane wings.

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Finding the right flatbed shipping companies in Boston, MA can be difficult, which is why we have shared some tips for transporting oversized goods in the city.

1. Determine the Dimensions

You need to accurately determine the dimensions of the oversized goods that you want to transport through the flatbed shipping companies in Boston, MA. Knowing about the product dimensions is important as it will be required in getting a permit.

You will need to measure the weight, height, and length of the oversized goods. State laws differ when it comes to what is considered as oversized goods. For instance, state laws in Massachusetts require that goods that are over 130,000 pounds, 12 inches wide, and 100 inches long should have an escort.

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