A Guide to Hiring A Trucking Company Near Me

Moreover, goods that cannot be loaded from a dock are generally transported by A Trucking Company Near Me. Flatbed shipping is a type of oversized transport method. The goods that are transported on flatbed vehicles may not fit the dimensions of an enclosed trailer.

trucking companies near me

 Flatbed Shipping Companies Near Me: What You Should Know?


A trucking company near me provides services for transporting heavy goods across the continental US. The companies have a specialized trailer with a removable gooseneck. Some may also use a trailer that has pusher wheels at the rear or other parts of the flatbed vehicle.

Demand for Transport of Oversized Goods

An important thing about a trucking company near me is that the demand may vary. Oversized shipping companies generally are project-based with the demand of the service connected to the industrial and construction demand. These markets are generally active during the summers and fall, but experience a slow down during the winter months.

Generally, there is a rush for the companies to complete the order and ship products before the onset of the winter season. The snow-covered routes during the holiday season at the end of the year pose a risk to the precious cargo and in turn, the companies transporting them. With many routes closed, the demand for heavy goods transportation reduces.

With that said, most flatbed shipping companies near me operate all year long. This means that you can expect to get a good rate on the transport of heavy products if you order during the off-season period.

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Reasons Why You Should Hire Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Fresno, CA

If you’re working on large-scale construction projects, you will most likely need to transport heavy machinery, equipment, and other cargo. However, moving such machinery can be a challenge as there are various factors to account for to ensure the safety of your crew and your equipment. Thus, it’s best to leave such transportation processes to the professionals. Therefore, this article will provide a few reasons why you would need services from heavy haul trucking and over dimensional trucking companies near me in Fresno, CA.

over dimensional trucking companies near me

You Need to Swap Heavy Machinery

In the construction business, heavy equipment eventually breaks down after years of use. In that case, you will need to replace the old heavy machinery with new ones to ensure that there are no major hiccups in your construction activity. Therefore, a heavy haul trucking company can remove the old machinery from the construction site and deliver the new investment.

You Intend to Move Your Facilities

If you want to move your facilities to a new location, miles away from your existing one, you will need assistance from professional heavy haul trucking companies in Fresno, CA. Moving heavy cargo can get damaged during a move if the appropriate safety and security protocols are not met. Professional heavy haulers and over dimensional trucking companies near me are aware of these measures and have access to specialized equipment, such as rigging equipment, to ensure the move is as smooth as possible. Continue reading “Reasons Why You Should Hire Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Fresno, CA”

Tips When Working with Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Orlando, Florida

Heavy hauling is a difficult activity. It requires careful planning of the route and expert driving skills to ensure that the goods are delivered to the destination on time. You should hire an experienced heavy haul trucking company in Orlando, Florida for safe and secure transportation of heavy loads.

Heavy haul trucking companies in Orlando Florida
Heavy haul trucking companies in Orlando Florida

Here are some tips to ensure smooth operations when working with a heavy haul trucking company in Orlando, Florida for the transport of heavy equipment and machinery.

1. State Product Details

You must clearly state the details of the product that you want to transport. Knowing about the product details is important whether you want to transport goods to or from your location. You must know about the product details in advance before contacting a heavy haul trucking company in Orlando, Florida.

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Flatbed Shipping Companies Near Me: The Ultimate Checklist for Choosing the Right Partner

Have you been searching for ‘the best flatbed shipping companies near me’ on the internet lately?

Flatbed Shipping Companies Near Me: The Ultimate Checklist for Choosing the Right Partner

Looking for the right heavy haul transportation partner can indeed be overwhelming. No two companies offering the same range of services have the same level of competence. You need to ensure that the company is dedicated to putting your freight’s safety above everything else.

Here is a quick checklist of the top four things you should consider when looking for ‘the best flatbed shipping companies near me’.

1.    License and Insurance

First and foremost, make sure the company has a valid license and proper insurance. The chances are that when you make a list of ‘the best flatbed shipping companies near me’, almost all of them may claim to have both.

Instead of trusting them blindly, you must always ask for proof. No reliable company will hesitate to accommodate your request. If they are legitimate, they will willingly go out of their way to maximum peace of mind for you.

2.    Fleet Quality

No matter how stellar a company’s rating is, if the quality of their fleet isn’t superior, you may want to pass. The best companies have new vehicles with excellent specs. They also have a dedicated team of experts for maintaining the vehicles. With the right partner, you’ll never have to stress over delayed shipments or freight safety.

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Biden and Flatbed Transportation Carriers

President Biden wants to champion a low carbon transportation strategy for the transportation industry and flatbed transportation carriers. As outlined the plan would want carriers to transition to electric tractors. This plan will add four hundred billion dollars to the national budget over 10 years to promote this new generation of low carbon trucking. Shipping and aviation technologies will be studied in this federal research initiative. This initiative also includes a proposed three trillion-dollar infrastructure roll-out.

Biden and Flatbed Transportation Carriers
Biden and Flatbed Transportation Carriers

This clean energy program would target the reduction of biofuel costs and the development of more efficient engines that are able to power heavy haul shipping fleets along with planes and ships. The key is to keep the transportation sectors moving while a positive impact on these initiatives is rolled out achieving net zero emissions by 2050. Electric cars and trucks would be part of these transition plans to reduce the newer technologies price range and access to the many charging stations that will be required to pull this off. This all sounds doable, but the US must also hold the rest of the world accountable at the same time, especially India and China! Continue reading “Biden and Flatbed Transportation Carriers”

Trucking Efficiency Improves As Flatbed Carriers Embrace Technology

In an all-out effort to reduce deadhead mileage in the trucking industry flatbed carriers are embracing technology that helps reduce these miles. Standard and flatbed heavy haul companies are using this technology to reduce the carbon footprint one load and one mile at a time.

Trucking Efficiency Improves As Flatbed Carriers Embrace Technology
Trucking Efficiency Improves As Flatbed Carriers Embrace Technology

These industries are reported to contribute up to 28 per cent of the carbon emissions problem as the supply chain demands these higher mileage heavier loads to keep the current market trends balanced. Annually it is reported that 10.8 billion tons of freight are moved to represent 70 per cent of goods in the domestic market. Regulations are in place to reduce the impact of these emissions for standard and heavy haul flatbed freight companies allowing the standards that are set to control the greenhouse gas emissions, however, these alone are not sufficient.

Almost half of the industry is driving these empty miles on a regular basis when returning containers back to port. These empty miles are still contributing to the pollution problem and can only be balanced if they in fact are moving freight so that the pollution is at least taking place when transporting goods and keeping the supply chain as current as possible.

Flatbed trucking companies continue to look at technology to drastically cut down on emissions while still moving goods safely and timely with an efficient logistical approach. An approach like this will help to sustain the continued reduction for flatbed trucking services in managing the supply chains responsibly.

Trucking Efficiency Improves As Flatbed Carriers Embrace Technology


New and developing technological solutions are being used to improve the efficiencies of the empty mile conundrum. App-based programs that can facilitate the linking of empty containers and nearby loads ready to transport are showing very favorable results. Containers that return to port loaded are drastically cutting down on the empty miles that are currently plaguing the standard and flatbed heavy haul companies.

Street turns as they are referred to in the industry are eliminating the needless emissions that are pushed into the environment without moving freight cutting down the empty miles issue. Other areas that are being worked on as these algorithms are updated address the managing of capacity data and the optimization of a driver’s day to day work scheduled hours. The added ability to intercept a driver and his trailer at a moments notice for redirection helps to keep the supply chain fulfilled more efficiently as well as increasing the driver’s compensation. It a win-win for the driver, equipment haulers and the environment. Idle time at the port is curbed and the highly congested times are eliminated by assigning gate and lane times on the fly.

By leveraging data to reduce these current pollution issues for the millions of truckloads already being moved to fulfil the supply chain a more sustainable and efficient effort will be managed. The management of idle times, deadhead and empty miles add multi-level benefits to carriers benefiting to green initiatives at the same time maintaining environmental responsibilities all around.

Over Dimensional Shipping using MegaMAX US Trailer

Another groundbreaking trailer has been engineered by the Faymonville Group for the ease of transportation of the most complicated over-dimensional shipping moves. These trailers are used for the movement of tall or bulky cargo frequently by industries for any type of oversized shipments. These feature exceptionally low ground clearance just for this purpose.

Trailer for Oversize Shipping
Trailer for Oversize Shipping

These trailers exhibit hydraulic Pendle axles in their three-axle version with pneumatic suspension. This is quite a unique option accompanying kingpin steering with the override remote control enabling the most precise ability to place a load where it’s needed. A steerable fourth pin on a flip axle air ride increases versatility as needed when traveling from state-to-state increasing adjustment to keep the payload within regulation.

The two types featured for the Mega Max Heavy Trailer are a mini and a stretch deck design. Height adjustment can be changed continuously during the loading process offering the most flexibility of any trailer using a detachable gooseneck.

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DualMAX trailer 10 axle line equipment haulers

Manufactured by “Faymonville Trailers to the Max” in 5 production facilities: Luxembourg, Belgium, Poland, Italy and Russia this 10-axle dual max trailer is modular and features a dual-lane system that can move the most complicated payloads. Because of the patented lift and shift system available in this trailer, the most versatile and complex cargoes can be moved easily in today’s challenging northeast economy.

DualMAX trailer 10 axle line

Even when loaded the axles and chassis can be widened from thirteen feet eleven inches up to sixteen eighteen and even twenty feet. Adapting on the fly state by state to adhere to each state’s regulations cannot get any easier with the use of this advanced trailer. Adjusting your equipment haulers is quick, responsive, and safe.

DualMAX trailer 10 axle line


To form just the size trailer that is needed to move even the most complicated oversized transport these dual max bogies are available in several axle lines. They can be steered and suspended thanks to the Pendle axle system hydraulics. In keeping the maximum stability recommended the axles operate independently of each other following the most advanced engineering requirements for maneuverability and safety, to date.
Allowing the trailer to be widened even when fully loaded the lift and shift system provides steerable angles up to 55 degrees with a total stroke of 29.5 inches with a maximum load per axle of 52,000 pounds at 50 miles per hour. The trailer remains static because the steering rods do not need to be disassembled during the adjustment process.

DualMAX trailer 10 axle line

When ready to return to home base this trailer can be easily condensed to fit on a normal flatbed trailer for the return leg of the transport. Gooseneck and drawbar configurations are available for this trailer allowing for the incorporation of many decks and accessories to accentuate this highly versatile trailer.

Heavy equipment carriers move suspension beam systems, perimeter widening decks, extra-low transformer decks and turntables with this over-dimensional trucking trailer and its adjustable features. In meeting all the DOT requirements all configurations can be easily adjusted for over-dimensional shipping in the USA and all North America. The Faymonville DualMax trailer is a modular heavy haul platform trailer using the widen able patented lift and shift system that was designed and developed specifically for heavy equipment transport companies in North America.

13 Axle Step-Deck – Heavy Haul Transporters

13 Axle Step deck - Heavy Haul Transporters
13 Axle Step deck – Heavy Haul Transporters

The many configurations of flatbeds allow most any load to be shipped on these heavy haul trucking trailers. The most common of these trailers are the standard flatbed and the step deck flatbed. These trailers can ship most any cargo of any shape and size. There are many variations that can be used to ship the longest, widest, tallest, or heaviest of loads. Naturally, the precautions to properly secure, load and protect these loads must be carefully executed. Because of the unlimited variations of these oversize hauling trailers they are the tool of choice for over-dimensional freight services like Flatbed Hauling Quotes.

Loads that may be over a standard size will normally require permitting and have route and travel time restrictions. Standard loads can be no longer than 48 feet long, 8.5 feet wide or 8.5 feet tall. These dimensions allow for 400 square feet of cargo floor space. A standard trailer is 5 feet above the road surface so if you can use a step-deck you can pick up another 18 inches of height without requiring any additional permitting. To acquire appropriate pricing the shipper must have the precise measurements of the cargo documented.


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Heavy Haul 13 Axle Climate Controlled Trailer

Heavy equipment hauling needs to be focused on many safety and regulatory factors. These factors are set in place for the safety and the protection of the heavy haul freight being transported. The totally closed environment option is adequate to move the many different types of climate-sensitive machinery making sure engineering specifications are in place.

Heavy Haul 13 Axle Climate Controlled Trailer

The heating systems on these trailers are controlled to the precise temperatures needed according to engineering specifications for moving these heavy haul freight cargoes. The demanding winter weather that exposes these loads to harsh conditions can be tamed using the climate-controlled options that these trailers can monitor. After all, you want your freight to travel from point A to point B safely and with all its quality in place.

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