Oversize Transport Companies Retain Drivers

When it comes to truck drivers for Oversize Transport Companies, getting licensed personnel on board isn’t hard. What is challenging, however, is to retain those drivers. The added cost of hiring and training new drivers is daunting, and it reflects negatively on your brands’ image. But there are some ways in which you can create a better work environment for your truck drivers.

Oversize Transport Companies Retain Truck Drivers

Here are some of the tried and tested tips flatbed trucking companies in Florida use to retain truck drivers for long journeys.

1.      Set Realistic Targets

This helps build a relationship of trust and transparency between the flatbed trucking companies and the truck drivers they have employed. Setting realistic targets and providing accurate information is key toward retaining drivers. Providing compensation and discussing the routes that are to be traveled beforehand is the right way to go.

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2020 Holiday Supply Chain Volatility for Van and Flatbed Freight Companies

During this COVID 19 pandemic, the trucking industry is facing many complications. Challenges to move goods using key supply chains and components are compromising deliveries. Transport challenges that van and flatbed trucking carriers. This holiday season has added a strain on flatbed transportation carriers throughout the nation.

Staple goods like toilet paper and others are hard to keep on the shelves so that strategic supplies can be moved to hospitals and health care providers as needed. These goods need to be moved as part of this essential operation. Some manufacturers such as auto production facilities shifted their production lines to manufacture personal protective supplies.

2020 Holiday Supply Chain Volatility for Van and Flatbed Freight Companies
2020 Holiday Supply Chain Volatility for Van and Flatbed Freight Companies

Van and flatbed transportation companies shifted priorities to move these essential goods explaining the empty shelves for other more staple items at stores across the nation. As this latest type of supply map was accepted as the new normal flow of goods; responsibilities, assets, personnel, and processes were balanced in everyday changes to accomplish this new normal needed to fight back the pandemic.

The best managers that can adapt to these changes will survive all others that may be more intelligent or stronger.

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3 things you need to know before driving for flatbed trucking companies

Despite its risks, it is a hugely rewarding industry with many challenges unique to it. Flatbed trucking drivers have many more responsibilities than a regular truck or van driver. They travel long distances carrying heavier loads.

Flatbed drivers are at a higher safety risk

If you are a new flatbed driver or are currently considering becoming one, it is important that do your research and learn everything you can. There are certain things that you must know before you sign up for driving flatbed trucks. Here we have rounded up 3 things you need to know before signing up for flatbed trucking.

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Why Truck Drivers Shouldn’t Fear Automation

Automation is set to make operations safer and more efficient in many industries across America. However, many workers fear that automation may end up costing them their jobs. Their fears aren’t entirely unfounded as the goal of automation is to replace labor with computerized systems that are easier to manage and are less error-prone.

Oversized shipping services monitor their freight constantly.

However, truck drivers may be more immune to the effects of automation than their counterparts in other industries. Here are some reasons why truck drivers shouldn’t fear automation.

1.      Truckers perform many non-driving duties

Automation in the trucking industry will likely appear in the form of self-driving vehicles. These vehicles will be able to stay on route with deliveries and avoid accidents without requiring the constant supervision of a driver. Continue reading “Why Truck Drivers Shouldn’t Fear Automation”

4 Reasons You Should Drive for Flatbed Transportation Companies

Few blue collar occupations offer the thrill and excitement that driving flatbed trucks offers. The people that drive these trucks are drawn to flatbed trucking companies for a variety of reasons.

Many truckers get accustomed to the trucking lifestyle easily.

Not everybody is cut out for trucking jobs, but you may take a shine to this profession if any of the following reasons excite you. Let’s look at some of the reasons why people become flatbed truck drivers.

1.      Great pay

The average base salary for truck drivers in the US in 2019 was $62,000. This is a decent salary for a job that doesn’t require a post-secondary education or lengthy specialized training courses. Many flatbed transportation companies within this industry offer their drivers much higher salaries than average, so you may be able make a lot of money in a short amount of time if you can hack it as a trucker.

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How to Master Your First Trucking Job

Working for heavy hauling transportation services is a great way to kick start a career in the trucking industry. However, anyone who has so much so only seen a heavy hauler or ever tried to maneuver a flatbed truck would know that driving such a giant vehicle is no joke. Trucking is no doubt a very demanding job. From long hours of continuous driving and hectic schedules to being away from friends and family and traveling to different places, working for a heavy hauling transportation company can be quite a challenge.

So, if you recently joined the heavy equipment hauling industry or are looking for flatbed freight companies to join, then you are in for a ride! Many people who enter this service often struggle to get things right. But having the know-how of the job and preparing accordingly can make it all as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Take a look at the following tips for newbies in the flatbed trucking industry that will help you master your first trucking job.

Fail To Prepare and Prepare To Fail

Planning is the key to surviving a heavy hauling job. Know the basics of your work and consult your supervisor or relevant authorities if you are unsure about anything. Make sure you are well aware of the safety procedures and follow them accordingly. Also, you must know whom to contact in case of an emergency.

Do (Not) Begin In Winter

Winter is, without a doubt, the toughest season for driving heavy haulers. Slick road conditions and reduced visibility can give a hard time to even the most accomplished drivers. Thus, avoid starting your flatbed trucking job in winters.

However, many people might recommend doing the exact opposite because it is under such circumstances that having a good trainer will prove extremely useful. Your trainer can give you some deep insight into the industry that will help you improve your driving skills so that you are well prepared to manage the following winter on your own.

Keep Essential Items Handy

Working for a heavy hauling transportation company means that you might have to drive to distant places all alone. If you face an accident during this time or any unfavorable incidents that might occur, can leave you stranded for hours or even days. Therefore, don’t forget to carry the necessary items in your truck at all times. For instance, a first aid kit, toolbox, dry food rations, drinkable water, and any other essentials should always be present at hand.

Eat Healthily

A major dilemma that surrounds the trucking industry is that it affects the employees’ eating habits and disrupts their sleeping pattern. As a result, many truckers suffer from obesity as well as various other health problems. Carry homemade lunch with you whenever possible and avoid eating unhealthy foods at truck stops. Replace snacks and junk food with fresh fruits and cut down on the consumption of carbonated drinks.

Follow these tips to master your first flatbed trucking job. And above all, don’t forget to exercise regularly as it keeps you fit and active, as well as helps you overcome the exhaustion and fatigue from sitting behind a wheel all day long.

How to Master Your First Trucking Job