WSU-NIAR applauds efforts of organizations involved in second heavy haul B1-B transport

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With the safe arrival of its second B-1B, the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) at Wichita State University would like to recognize the organizations responsible for preparing, transporting and unloading B-1B 86-0101, the “Watchman,” on its final 165-mile journey from Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City to NIAR’s Aircraft Structural Test and Evaluation Center in Park City, Kans.

At 130 feet long, 29 feet wide, and 16 feet tall, the transport required the team to navigate tight turns, twisting roads and steep inclines, clearing many obstacles by mere inches. Planning a route for this extremely oversized load requires skill to minimize the impact on public transportation and assure the safety of both the public and airframe, as it travels through rural Oklahoma and Kansas and into the city of Wichita.

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Important Information About Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Heavy haul trucking companies can transfer all types of heavy loads. Whether you want to transport military vehicles or airplane parts or heavy-duty mining equipment, you can contact professional heavy haul trucking companies in Columbus, Ohio and they will take care of the rest.

Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Heavy loads transportation companies have specialized trailers with powerful engines that can handle large loads. In this blog post, you will learn all there is to know about the transportation of heavy loads in the US.

Heavy Haul Transportations Services: What You Should Know?

Heavy haul trucking companies in Columbus, Ohio can transport heavy equipment and parts all over the US. Most use a specialized trailer with a removable gooseneck known as an RGN trailer. Some transporting companies instead use a trailer with multiple sections and pusher wheels at the rear or other sections of the trailer.

In the US, a truck trailer that carries objects that exceed the ordinary permit for load weight and dimensions are known as superload. In other words, heavy haul transporting companies can carry overweight and oversized loads. The maximum weight and size of the overload are regulated in every state. The state where the load is moving will determine the maximum weight and size limit that the trucking company is allowed to transport.

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Biden and Flatbed Transportation Carriers

President Biden wants to champion a low carbon transportation strategy for the transportation industry and flatbed transportation carriers. As outlined the plan would want carriers to transition to electric tractors. This plan will add four hundred billion dollars to the national budget over 10 years to promote this new generation of low carbon trucking. Shipping and aviation technologies will be studied in this federal research initiative. This initiative also includes a proposed three trillion-dollar infrastructure roll-out.

Biden and Flatbed Transportation Carriers
Biden and Flatbed Transportation Carriers

This clean energy program would target the reduction of biofuel costs and the development of more efficient engines that are able to power heavy haul shipping fleets along with planes and ships. The key is to keep the transportation sectors moving while a positive impact on these initiatives is rolled out achieving net zero emissions by 2050. Electric cars and trucks would be part of these transition plans to reduce the newer technologies price range and access to the many charging stations that will be required to pull this off. This all sounds doable, but the US must also hold the rest of the world accountable at the same time, especially India and China! Continue reading “Biden and Flatbed Transportation Carriers”