America has a massive truck driver shortage. Here’s why few want an $80,000 job.

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America has a massive shortage of truck drivers. Joyce Brenny, head of Brenny Transportation in Minnesota, increased driver pay 15 percent this year to try to attract more drivers. Many of her drivers now earn $80,000, she says, yet she still can’t find enough people for the job.

About 51,000 more drivers are needed to meet the demand from companies such as Amazon and Walmart that are shipping more goods across the country, according to the American Trucking Associations. The driver shortage is already leading to delayed deliveries and higher prices for goods that Americans buy. The ATA predicts that it’s likely to get worse in the coming years.

Heather Long, Washington Post
Published: May 29, 2018Updated: May 30, 2018 at 08:53 AM

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The Trucking Industry’s Driver Shortage and its Implications

By David Bansleben

The trucking industry has been dealing with driver shortage for several years now. In recent times the driver shortage in the ​flatbed shipping​ industry has been pushed to the forefront as the trucking industry attempts to manage this issue. Bob Costello, the chief economist at the American Trucking Association stated that the country was experiencing a shortage of drivers by a number estimated to be 51,000 in 2017. The 2016 numbers indicated the shortage to be around 36,000, indicating a drastic increase that is only expected to continue Costello predicts. The reason this issue is so prevalent in the transportation industry is because a shortage of active drivers means there will be less trucks on the road to transport freight. The shortage of available trucks to transport freight combined with the increased demand for trucks by businesses has combined to create a perfect storm in ​flatbed hauling​. Continue reading “The Trucking Industry’s Driver Shortage and its Implications”

Is Flatbed Hauling Quotes for Flatbed Carriers?

Is Flatbed Shipping for Flatbed Carriers?
Logistics – flatbed shipping delivery.

Is Flatbed Hauling Quotes for Flatbed Carriers?

Going forward with all the HOS rule changes carriers will look for strong relationships with shippers and brokers that have a reliable network. The flatbed shipping customer and the flatbed transportation carrier must have a strong dependable relationship.

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Electronic Login Devices: Oh no, paperless!

electronic login device
Oh no paperless!

Electronic Login Devices: Oh no, paperless! IFTA, RODS What!!

RODS [Record Of Daily Status], IFTA report [International Fuel Tax Agreement] acronyms that you need to be up to speed with and in compliance with this year. There are some inexpensive solutions that can be used in conjunction with your Android devices. You also can purchase and dedicate a device to your truck if you wish.

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