Heavy Equipment Haulers Near Me Increasing Rates

There are many factors that need to be considered before hiring heavy equipment haulers near me. One of them being the price of service. Although flatbed hauling rates average the same throughout the US, the increasing numbers have become a concern for consumers.

heavy equipment haulers near me

Not Enough Flatbed Hauling Providers

Even though the hauling quotes are high, people can’t just boycott providers because they need the service. There is a shortage of flatbed service providers because the demand for hauling services has increased drastically over the past few decades.

It’s not like the flatbed providers can’t accommodate everyone. They can, but there are a few reasons that have influenced the demand for flatbed services. Even though flatbed hauling rates can be high, consumers are ready to pay. Here are some of the major reasons influencing the rates:

1.       State of the Industry/ Market

Market trends influence flatbed demand on a drastic level. Not just the trends within the hauling industry, but especially the ones that are used as cargo.

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Flatbed Heavy Haul Companies Near Me Permits

Heavy haulers flatbed heavy haul companies near me are an important part of our economy as they provide a legal way to transport large equipment across multiple states. It would be a challenge to handle heavy freight adhering to federal regulations without heavy haul transportation services.

flatbed heavy haul companies near me

You can use heavy haul services for different purposes like moving forestry equipment or steel transportation. Your purpose of using the hauling service and the item you are moving decides which type of permits you need to move legally across state borders.

This blog looks at the different types of heavy haul permits you need before embarking on your journey.

What Is A Heavy Haul Permit?

A heavy haul permit is a document with details about the hauler, travel route, load description, and dimensions. Depending on the cargo and the travel route you will need to collect your permit from the appropriate authority.

You can visit the permit services or the state’s website to get your permit. Both follow the same state regulations for heavy haul transportation services. The only difference between the two is the service fee. The state provides you the permit without charging any service fee, but the permit office does charge a fee.

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Flatbed Shipping Near Me Pros and Cons

Every person who can maneuver a truck is not suitable for Flatbed Shipping Near Me. Flatbed hauling requires years of expertise in the field and on the road.

Flatbed Shipping Near Me Pros and Cons

The drivers should know how to handle the tons of cargo they are carrying on roads where other people are also driving their smaller cars. Ultimately, it takes experience and practice to make flatbed transportation a successful industry.

If you are searching for Flatbed Shipping Near Me, but are worried about job security and risks, then we have prepared a list of pros and cons for you. It will help you make the right decision for your career. Here are the pros and cons of working for a flatbed company:

Pro | Flatbed Truckers Learn the Fundamentals

Flatbed companies pay a lot of attention to educating their drivers about the fundamental knowledge of trucking. When the flatbed trailer is on the road, there is no one but the driver to securely transport the cargo.

Therefore, the drivers are trained to secure the cargo and memorize the travel route in advance to avoid any surprising situations. Even if there is a change in the flatbed hauling plans, they are trained enough to make the right decisions.

Flatbed Shipping Near Me Pros and Cons

Pro | Flatbed Truckers Are Paid More Than Other Drivers

On average, flatbed drivers make almost $13,000 more than other commercial drivers annually. In fact, they make about 8 cents more per mile! It’s an incentive for flatbed drivers to pay more attention to the load and carry it safely across long distances.

However, not everyone is appropriate for the job of hauling heavy loads across long distances. Companies only hire people who show responsible personality traits and dedication to their work. This makes it easier for the clients to trust the flatbed hauling company and their drivers to securely move their cargo.

Con | Potential for High Risk

Despite the pros of working for a flatbed company, you need to consider the cons as well to make an informed decision. A flatbed trucker would secure the cargo perfectly to make sure it does not come loose on the road. However, accidents do happen.

If something falls off a flatbed running at 65 mph, there’s a high chance of fatal injuries. It’s exactly the reason why flatbed drivers are trained meticulously. They are taught to become organized and detail-oriented to avoid any risk on the road.

Con | More Challenges Than Other Commercial Drivers

Despite the higher pay in the Flatbed Shipping Near Me industry, truckers do not get to just drive the flatbed trailer around for deliveries. They are expected to do a lot more than that. Commercial drivers are not asked to help with loading and unloading the cargo, but flatbed drivers are trained to do that.

They have to load the freight, secure it properly, help with finding the best route for the job, and then unload the cargo at the destination. The only good part about that is loading and unloading cargo on flatbeds is much easier compared to other commercial trucks.

If you are ready to become a flatbed driver for a company that will train you for the job and help you gain experience, contact Flatbed Hauling Quotes to get started!

National Flatbed Trucking Companies Prep

National flatbed trucking companies are responsible for carrying large objects, usually involving machinery equipment relocation for industries like construction, forestry, etc. They use various types of flatbed trailers for moving along the interstate while transporting strapped objects between locations.

national flatbed trucking companies

Heavy haul transportation requires great care and precaution for moving large equipment. In fact, there are a standardized set of rules and regulations provided by government authorities that every flatbed moving company has to follow. Therefore, they need to prepare in advance to avoid highway accidents or cargo-related damages.

In this blog, we will discuss the preparation requirements for flatbed hauling companies and what important factors they have to consider before transportation.

Preparation for Flatbed Equipment Movers


Preparing for traveling from one state to another while carrying heavy materials requires planning. If the national flatbed trucking companies are not prepared properly, it can lead to uncertain situations. Drivers won’t be able to handle the problem if there is an accident or damage to the cargo.

Here are a few things that a flatbed company needs to prepare before moving heavy haul cargo:

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