Oversize Loads Shipping in Winter

Oversize loads shipping in winter can be a dreaded time for truck drivers. Making sure the freight is transported in one piece with minimal damage incurred to the flatbed truck and employees on board is a stressful and anxiety-inducing task. However, there are ways to make winter transportation effortless and efficient.

Oversize Loads Shipping in Winter

Some of the tips flatbed trucking companies follow to ensure efficient winter transportation are as follows.

1.      Keep An Eye Out For Black Ice

Black ice can be more deadly than it may seem. It is the thin layer of ice that forms on the roads when temperatures are close to freezing. This layer makes roads slippery and increases the risk of tires skidding. To mitigate the risk of this happening, flatbed trucking companies instruct their drivers to keep a close eye on the road and their windshields. A buildup of ice on the windshield indicates favorable conditions for black ice to form, thus making it a wise decision to slow down and stay alert.

Oversize Loads Shipping in Winter

2.      Chain Your Tires

This is a requirement in many states and is followed by flatbed trucking companies earnestly. Commercial vehicles and flatbed trucks are required to have chains on their tires during the winter season, especially when there is the prediction of heavy snowfall approaching. This provides maximum traction while driving on black ice or through snow-covered roads that have not been cleared out.

3.      Check Your Diesel

Diesel in flatbed trucks can thicken up during the harsh winter. Thus, making it a menace to start the truck ad have it run smoothly on the road. Oversize shipping loads companies avoid this from happening by adding an anti-gel additive to the fuel tank before loading up the tank.

4.      Keep Essentials In Hand

It’s always a good idea to stock up on the essential tools and equipment needed for a long journey in the winter. This extends to keeping canned food, warm clothes, and blankets in the truck for the drivers and staff assisting in the transportation. You don’t want your employees to be stranded in the middle of a highway and fall sick.

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