Oversize Flatbed Shipping Companies Using Reverse

A lot of accidents involving Oversize Flatbed Shipping Companies are caused by trucks reversing. Backing up a flatbed truck requires expert driving skills. Drivers need to be mindful of a lot of different things when backing up a heavy haul transport vehicle.


Oversize Flatbed Shipping Companies Using Reverse


Reliable flatbed trucking companies train drivers to ensure that they back up the vehicle safely.  Here are some safety tips when backing up a flatbed truck whether on the road, at the dock, warehouse, or construction site.

1.  Plan Before Backing Up

Drivers need to plan how to back up heavy haul transport trucks without any mishap. It is important for them to get out of the vehicle and to walk around to size things up. Planning how to back up the vehicle will help the driver avoid obstacles that are not visible while sitting inside.

Oversize Flatbed Shipping Companies Using Reverse

2. Place a Cone Before Parking

Placing a cone at the back will alert other drivers that the vehicle is backing up. The marking on the cone should be bright colors such as red and orange. Moreover, the cone should have reflective material that reflects at night.

Drivers of flatbed trucking companies in Ohio should also wear a vest with bright coloring and reflective material when placing the cone. The bright-colored vest with reflective material will make them visible at night to other drivers. A lot of accidents happen due to other drivers not seeing the person placing the cone from afar.

3. Install a Back-Up Alarm

All heavy haul transport trucks should have alarms. Installing an alarm in flatbed vehicles may require a bit of investment by flatbed trucking companies in Ohio. But it is worth an alarm that will greatly reduce the risk of accidents involving flatbed vehicles.

Drivers should turn on an alarm when reversing the vehicle. The alarm should be loud enough to alert other drivers and individuals near the vehicle.

4. Co-Driver Should Guide the Driver

Drivers should not just rely on mirrors when backing up. The co-driver must remain outside and guide the driver when reversing the vehicle. This is important since mirrors can’t be relied upon alone when backing up large trucks.

5. Be Cautious When Backing Up in Cross-Traffic

Drivers of flatbed trucking companies in Ohio should take extreme caution when backing up in traffic. They get out and make sure that there is enough space to move forward and around vehicles when reversing the vehicle.

Moreover, it is also important to back up the vehicle slowly in traffic. Safety should be the goal rather than trying to move the heavy haul truck quickly around traffic.


Backing up a large trailer can result in a serious accident. Following the above tips can help prevent mishaps when reversing heavy haul trucks.

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