Oversize Flatbed Hauling-3 Tips To Ensure Secure Loading

Oversize flatbed hauling of cargo from one place to the other may seem easy, but in reality, it is not. It comes with a mix of challenges and complexities of its own, the main one being secure loading. Efficiently securing the load sure helps speed up the delivery process and mitigates the risk of potential losses.


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Here are some of the tips flatbed trucking companies in the USA use to make sure their load is secure and protected for the journey ahead.

1.      Restraining Using the Right Approach

This is a standard practice followed by many flatbed trucking companies in the United States and rightly so. Restraining is an industry protocol, however, there is a technique and skill to getting it right. Securing it by tying it down firmly using the right rope, net, chain or straps can vary depending on the type of load.

For instance, for cylindrical loads, using a net or web would be the best approach while wedges, chokes, and cradles help keep vehicles from rolling off. On the other hand, for boxes, placing the bigger boxes below and securing them from the front and side with ratchet straps can do the trick – flatbed trucking companies in Alabama swear by these techniques.

Oversize Flatbed Hauling-3 Tips To Ensure Secure Loading

2.      Place Heavier Load At the Bottom

There’s some science behind this, it does not just ensure the load is safe from damage but also prevents the flatbed truck from rolling off on the highway. The heavier load at the bottom enhances the stability of the truck by lowering the center of gravity. Moreover, the heavier items are better placed near the front of the truck i.e. refrigerators, heavy machinery, vehicles, etc.

This is particularly useful for the transportation of a large amount of cargo and can minimize the possibility of overloading. This is what you want to stay clear of as you don’t want the gross weight rating of your vehicle to exceed.

3.      Cover Up

You want to ensure the load is protected at all times. Especially if your cargo is going to be out there in the open. The heat and sun’s rays can damage the load and cause it to overheat. Similarly, snow and rain can cause wear and tear as well. Thus, covering up with tarps is what professional oversize flatbed hauling are sure to do.

In addition, always double-check to see if the load is secure. You don’t want anything slipping off from the rear end of the highway. It could be potentially dangerous for vehicles passing by and can cost you a lot of money in damages.

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