Heavy Haul Trucking Companies How to Avoid Fraud When Hiring

Selecting from the heavy haul trucking companies available to transport an oversized load should be done carefully. Taking precautions is important as you can easily fall into a fraudulent agreement carried out by a heavy haul trucking firm. Never sign a contract with a heavy haul trucking company without doing your own research beforehand.

heavy haul trucking companies

You should search for the key term ‘best heavy haul transporting near me’ online and select only reliable companies.

We have gathered information to ensure that you select a reliable heavy haul trucking company in the United States for transportation of your goods.

1. Dubious Terms of Agreement

You should look at the terms of the agreement before signing the dotted line. All too often companies hire a heavy haul trucking company without reading the contract terms. This is one of the easiest ways to get caught in a trucking fraudulent agreement.

Always read the contract terms before making any payment to the trucking company for the transport of goods. You should look for dubious terms in the contract terms when signing the agreement such as odd hours for the pickup and drop off of goods. Also, you should look for incorrect names and other contact details in the contract.

Moreover, you should look for dubious words like ‘fuel advances’ or ‘detection pay’ when signing the contract. These simple terms can result in great losses in some cases.

Heavy Haul Trucking Companies How to Avoid Fraud When Hiring

2. Scheduled Delivery

A scheduled delivery is of critical importance from most companies. Make sure that these heavy haul trucking companies have clearly written the scheduled delivery time and date in the contract.

Timing is a critical factor when arranging the transport of oversized goods. Double-check the timing with your own schedule. Make sure that there is no extra drop-off and pick-up site that will cause delays.

3. Advance Fuel Fees

Beware of a heavy haul trucking company that asks for an advance fuel fee before the transport of the goods. You should make payments only for the transport of goods. The cost of fuel should be borne by the trucking company. In fact, it is included when creating a quote for the job.

4. Bad Online Reviews

These heavy-haul trucking companies should have mostly positive reviews. You should think twice before hiring a firm with mostly negative reviews. Even if the price is low, you should not hire a company with a negative review as it can end up costing you in the long run.

Reliable trucking companies go the extra mile in satisfying the customers. You should make sure that the company is trusted by most customers before it is hired for the transport of valuable and costly oversized goods.

Be wary that some frauds duplicate the identity of a reputable trucking company. Always check with the company registration authority to make sure that the company is legitimate.

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