Heavy Haul Equipment Hauling Things to Consider

Heavy haul equipment hauling can be confusing for most people. The transportation of heavy equipment involves a lot of time and documentation. Versatile carriers can be used for transporting different types and shapes of oversized goods.

Heavy Haul Equipment Hauling Things to Consider

Whether your company is transporting for the first time or you want a refresher about the transport of large-sized equipment, you will find all the important information here in this blog post.

Flatbed Shipping Companies Overview

A flatbed shipping company can transport oversized goods that can be of up to  48,000 pounds. Flatbed vehicles can carry a heavy load that can be up to 48 to 53 feet long. As there are no boundary walls in flatbed vehicles, the goods must not be perishable or degrade when exposed to weather elements.

You need to wrap the oversized good in a weather-resistant package if the heavy equipment can get damaged when exposed to rain or snow.

Heavy Haul Equipment Hauling Things to Consider


Cost should be the main consideration when you hire a heavy haul equipment hauling company. Ask about rates from different flatbed shipping companies to get an idea about the market price. The information will be helpful when negotiating with the transport company.


Find out what flatbed shipping companies charge for the urgent transfer. Some companies may charge two to three times the normal fees if you want the goods to be transported sooner. The shipping company will prioritize the transport of your goods if you pay extra.

But not all companies offer transport of goods on urgent basis. Enquire about this when you are searching for a flatbed shipping company for the transport of the goods.


Another important thing to consider when searching for flatbed shipping companies near me is who will be responsible for damages incurred during the transport of the goods. Find out if you will get compensation for damaged incurred to the goods during transportation. Again, not all companies take responsibility for damages during transit so you need to ask about it beforehand.


Dimensions are also an important consideration when hiring a flatbed transport company. You should ask about the maximum weight and height of the goods that the transport company can handle.

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