A Guide to Hiring A Trucking Company Near Me

Moreover, goods that cannot be loaded from a dock are generally transported by A Trucking Company Near Me. Flatbed shipping is a type of oversized transport method. The goods that are transported on flatbed vehicles may not fit the dimensions of an enclosed trailer.

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 Flatbed Shipping Companies Near Me: What You Should Know?


A trucking company near me provides services for transporting heavy goods across the continental US. The companies have a specialized trailer with a removable gooseneck. Some may also use a trailer that has pusher wheels at the rear or other parts of the flatbed vehicle.

Demand for Transport of Oversized Goods

An important thing about a trucking company near me is that the demand may vary. Oversized shipping companies generally are project-based with the demand of the service connected to the industrial and construction demand. These markets are generally active during the summers and fall, but experience a slow down during the winter months.

Generally, there is a rush for the companies to complete the order and ship products before the onset of the winter season. The snow-covered routes during the holiday season at the end of the year pose a risk to the precious cargo and in turn, the companies transporting them. With many routes closed, the demand for heavy goods transportation reduces.

With that said, most flatbed shipping companies near me operate all year long. This means that you can expect to get a good rate on the transport of heavy products if you order during the off-season period.

A Guide to Hiring A Trucking Company Near Me

Permits Required for Oversized Goods

Transport of oversized goods often requires a permit. You need to apply for a permit and pay a fee for the transport of equipment such as wind turbine blades, mining equipment, crane, or forklift. Moreover, certain states require that the goods be shipped with pilot vehicles, lights, and special signs.

Maximum Weight and Dimensions

A flatbed carrier typically transports loads of up to 48,000 pounds. Most also can transport oversized goods up to 48 feet wide. You should confirm with the company about the maximum weight and dimensions of the load that it can carry.

Final Remarks

Transport of oversized goods on flatbed vehicles requires special consideration. Make sure that you enquire about the permits and load capacity of a trucking company near me.

You need to also ask to inquire about their experience before hiring a company for the transport of oversized goods. Find out if the company has transported similar goods previously. Ask about past clients so that you can confirm that the company has the required experience and expertise in transporting oversized goods.

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