Using Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Near Me Across State Lines

Heavy haul trucking companies near me transport oversized items across the state frequently. This transportation process can be a challenge in itself. However, some orders may require the company to transport the item across state lines.

Using Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Near Me Across State Lines


Here are some things Heavy haul trucking companies near me need to account for when transporting oversized loads across state lines.

1.      Dimensions Limits

An item is classified as oversized once it exceeds certain dimensions and weight. However, there is also an upper limit for oversized loads. Items that exceed 135 feet in length or 15 feet in width cannot be transported using oversize trucking permits. However, even if your item is within these limits, it may be over the limits of the states it will be passing through in transit.

It’s not uncommon for oversized load requirements to be different in each state. Heavy haul shipping companies in the United States should be familiar with each of these requirements and account for them before starting the shipping process.

Using Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Near Me Across State Lines

2.      Travel Time Restrictions

It’s not uncommon for states to have special restrictions on travel times for oversized loads. For example, some states require that such loads be transported only between sunrise and sunset. Others may restrict movement during rush hour traffic.

To ensure the shipping process isn’t delayed, heavy haul shipping companies in the United States should familiarize themselves with travel time restrictions for each state the item will be passing through. In some cases, it may be worth bypassing a state entirely and transporting the item through a different route.

3.      Pilot Vehicles

Trucks carrying oversized loads must be accompanied by one or two pilot vehicles by law. Pilot vehicles are simply vehicles that lead or trail behind trucks during transport. They warn oncoming traffic about the approaching truck and may help monitor the load during transportation.

Different states have different requirements for pilot vehicles. Some do not require a pilot vehicle at all, while others may require two pilot vehicles when transporting the oversized item through the state.

Heavy haul trucking companies near me should familiarize themselves with the various pilot vehicle requirements for each state and prepare accordingly. This will ensure they are in compliance with local laws and that the oversize item reaches its destination safely.

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