How Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Plan for Safety

Transporting oversized freight is no easy task for heavy haul trucking companies near me. These companies deliver valuable oversized items from one location to the next in a safe and efficient manner. However, their clients rarely realize how much effort these companies put into prioritizing safety on each delivery.

How Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Plan for Safety

Let’s look at the various safety measures heavy haul trucking companies near me use to keep their freight safe.

1.      Planning Routes in Advance

Moving oversized freight on roadways comes with many challenges. Many of these challenges are related to the freight’s dimensions. In the United States freight is considered oversized if it exceeds a width of 8 feet 6 inches or a height of 14 feet.

This means trucks carrying such freight will need to follow routes that can accommodate such sizes. Oversized freight may run into issues when driving through tunnels or under bridges on roadways. Similarly, some heavy haul trucks may have difficulty making sharp turns.

Heavy haul trucking companies near me, understand the potential dangers and delays poor route planning can create during the shipping process. For this reason, they plan their routes well in advance. This ensures their heavy haul trucks pass through areas the freight can safely cross.

How Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Plan for Safety

2.      Following a Strict Schedule

Heavy haul trucking companies also minimize the risk of accidents by following a strict schedule. These companies schedule their freight to be transported only between sunrise and sunset. This ensures the freight is transported only during daylight hours where outdoor visibility is high and the risk of accidents is reduced.

Heavy haul trucking companies near me may also plan transportation around rush hour traffic. This minimizes the number of cars heavy haul drivers encounter on roads and reduces the likelihood of accidents occurring.

3.      Training Staff

A heavy haul company’s staff are the lifeblood of their operations. They are the ones who ensure the freight is loaded onto the truck safely and that it is secured properly before transportation.

Heavy haul trucking companies spend an ample amount of time training their employees on the various safety measures required to keep oversized freight safe. This includes following safety checklists before and during transportation.

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