3 Tips for Reducing Delays When Hiring Flatbed Shipping Companies in Detroit, MI

Transporting large goods can be a challenging process as the timely equipment transport of large goods is often quite difficult. Customers expect the goods to be delivered within a stated time. Delays in transporting the goods can be costly.

In this blog post, you will learn of a few tips to help reduce delays when hiring a flatbed shipping company in Detroit, MI.

1. Apply for Permits in Advance

Flatbed shipping companies in Detroit, MI have to have special permits for transporting large-sized goods. It may take several days to obtain the permit for heavy equipment transport.

You should apply for permits in advance to avoid delays. Single permits should be applied about a week before the transport. If you want to transport heavy goods annually, you need to apply for annual permits. It takes time to obtain an annual permit for regular transport of heavy goods. Consider applying for the heavy haul permit about a month in advance.

Heavy haul transport

3 Tips for Reducing Delays When Hiring Flatbed Shipping Companies in Detroit, MI

2. Know about the Route

You should also determine the route for heavy equipment transport. This is important as the permit requirements differ in most states. If the goods are transported cross-state, your goods should meet the permit requirements of each estate.

You will have to apply for a permit from each state where the goods will be moving. Determining the route will help you gain more information about the permit that must be obtained for the transport of goods by flatbed shipping companies in Detroit, MI.

3. Know the State Rules

States have specific rules regarding the transport of heavy equipment and parts. You should know everything there is to know about the specific requirements for the transport of heavy goods. For instance, you cannot transport goods through a tunnel if the goods have specific dimensions.

Some states also require pilot vehicles for ensuring the safe transportation of goods.  The pilot vehicles are required to guide the trailer in the transport of goods within the state.

State rules also dictate that the vehicles used for transporting the goods should have the proper signage. The signage should let the other drivers know that the trailer is transporting oversized goods. Drivers will slow down when they read the sign about the trailer transporting oversized goods.


Reliable flatbed transportation companies in Detroit, MI make sure that the likelihood of delays is reduced. They make sure that the goods reach the destination securely without any delay.

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