Important Information About Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Heavy haul trucking companies can transfer all types of heavy loads. Whether you want to transport military vehicles or airplane parts or heavy-duty mining equipment, you can contact professional heavy haul trucking companies in Columbus, Ohio and they will take care of the rest.

Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Columbus, Ohio

Heavy loads transportation companies have specialized trailers with powerful engines that can handle large loads. In this blog post, you will learn all there is to know about the transportation of heavy loads in the US.

Heavy Haul Transportations Services: What You Should Know?

Heavy haul trucking companies in Columbus, Ohio can transport heavy equipment and parts all over the US. Most use a specialized trailer with a removable gooseneck known as an RGN trailer. Some transporting companies instead use a trailer with multiple sections and pusher wheels at the rear or other sections of the trailer.

In the US, a truck trailer that carries objects that exceed the ordinary permit for load weight and dimensions are known as superload. In other words, heavy haul transporting companies can carry overweight and oversized loads. The maximum weight and size of the overload are regulated in every state. The state where the load is moving will determine the maximum weight and size limit that the trucking company is allowed to transport.

Important Information About Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Columbus, Ohio


Size and Dimensions of a Heavy Load

A heavy load in most states is considered a load including the trailer whose legal dimensions exceed 8’6’’ in width and 13’6’’. Moreover, the load must be non-reducible, which cannot be reduced to legal dimensions.

An oversized load is one with a weight that exceeds 8000 lbs including the weight of the trailer and tractor. You must contact a professional heavy haul trucking company in Columbus, Ohio to transport heavy loads.

Maximum Load Capacity of a Heavy Load Transporting Vehicle

The axles of a heavy haul transport vehicle determine the load capacity. Legislations have set weight limits based on the number and type of axles. Adding more axles allows the vehicle to carry more loads. That is why heavy load vehicles have a large number of axles ranging between 5 and 20 axles.

The location of the axles also determines the maximum load that can be carried by a heavy haul transportation company in Columbus, Ohio. In addition, the proximity of the axles determines the maximum size and weight that can be transported by heavy haul trucking companies in Columbus, Ohio.

Fully understanding the size and weight of the heavy load that can be transported is important before you contact a heavy haul transportation company. Each state has different requirements as well, such as escort vehicles for safe transportation of vehicles.

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