13 Axle Step-Deck – Heavy Haul Transporters

13 Axle Step deck - Heavy Haul Transporters
13 Axle Step deck – Heavy Haul Transporters

The many configurations of flatbeds allow most any load to be shipped on these heavy haul trucking trailers. The most common of these trailers are the standard flatbed and the step deck flatbed. These trailers can ship most any cargo of any shape and size. There are many variations that can be used to ship the longest, widest, tallest, or heaviest of loads. Naturally, the precautions to properly secure, load and protect these loads must be carefully executed. Because of the unlimited variations of these oversize hauling trailers they are the tool of choice for over-dimensional freight services like Flatbed Hauling Quotes.

Loads that may be over a standard size will normally require permitting and have route and travel time restrictions. Standard loads can be no longer than 48 feet long, 8.5 feet wide or 8.5 feet tall. These dimensions allow for 400 square feet of cargo floor space. A standard trailer is 5 feet above the road surface so if you can use a step-deck you can pick up another 18 inches of height without requiring any additional permitting. To acquire appropriate pricing the shipper must have the precise measurements of the cargo documented.


13 Axle Step-Deck – Heavy Haul Transporters

13 Axle Step deck structure - Heavy Haul Transporters
13 Axle Step-deck structure – Heavy Haul Transporters

Some of the many types of loads that can make use of these heavy transport trailers are military equipment, aeronautics, wind turbines, flexible plumbing, logs, lumber, building supplies, backhoes, roll presses, over-dimensional steel pipes, farm equipment, industrial machinery regular and over-dimensional, bulldozers, rolls of wire, construction equipment, concrete culverts, pre-fabricated building, and other large vehicles moved on these flatbed trailers.

A step deck trailer has two decks one shorter standard shipping space over the fifth wheel about 13 feet long and then an area that is stepped down with a lower ground clearance usually 40 feet in length but that can move cargo 10 feet in height.

Over dimensional freight services are certainly required to move any load that is over these standard dimensions so that the proper permits, escort and pilot vehicles can be accessed to move the load. There will be a longer period of time needed to prepare a heavy haul transport making sure that all the details are documented before starting the move.

Axles being the most important factor when moving these loads are adjustable so that the fulcrum point of the weight distributions can be properly adjusted to regulations for each state along the route. A pair of axles can support 34,000 pounds so a trailer must have the appropriate number of axles to support the total weight and they must be adjusted along the trailer decks to properly support the weight. Any load that exceeds 80,000 pounds is oversized freight.

Loads that are over 16 feet wide, 16 feet tall or 160 feet long are considered super loads. The use of a 13-axle step-deck or even other more advanced configurations can be used to safely move these super loads.

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