Transporting Freight With an Oversize Trucking Service

Businesses in the construction and aviation industries use special services to ship their equipment between cities. The items they work with often exceed a certain size, and cannot be transported via regular trucking methods.

: Select an experienced oversize trucking service to transport your freight.

Instead, this cargo needs to be delivered with the help of a specialized oversize trucking company.

You can expect your oversized freight to be transported in a safe and timely manner by choosing the right oversize trucking company; however, you can make the process easier by planning. Here are some tips for transporting oversize freight with one of these companies.

1.      Choose the right company

There are plenty of oversize trucking companies in each state. Narrowing down your choices can be a challenge if you haven’t shipped with one of these services before. However, a good rule of thumb is to go for the company in your area with the most industry experience.


Transporting Freight With an Oversize Trucking Service

You can also lookup online reviews and testimonials from an oversize trucking company’s past clients. Over dimensional freight needs to be handled with extra care, so you should select a company with a good track record.

2.      Check your freight’s dimensions

Once you have chosen an oversize trucking company, you will need to check your freight’s dimensions. The size and weight of your freight will factor into your shipping cost estimate, so it’s important to provide your trucking company with accurate dimensions.

If your freight exceeds a certain size or weight, it will be classified as over-dimensional. Transporting this freight requires special permits from the state. Shipping companies typically apply for these permits themselves; however, the cost of these permits may factor in your final shipping cost.

3.      Understand the loading and unloading procedure

Your over-dimensional freight may be harder to load and unload if it has an uncommon shape. A forklift won’t be of much help if you’re trying to lift a 40 ft wind turbine blade onto a flatbed.

If you inform your oversize trucking company about your special requirements beforehand, they may be able to rent a crane to load and unload your item from the truck.

4.      Check for special transportation requirements

Some over-dimensional freight needs to be tied down using harnesses and straps. Other freight may need to be secured using a special type of tarp. In either case, you will need to inform your oversize trucking service beforehand.

This equipment is needed to ensure that your freight reaches its destination safely. Attempting to ship your item without the right precautions could lead to disaster, so make sure your oversize trucking company understands your shipping requirements prior to making their delivery.

Following these tips will help make the shipping process easier for you and your oversize trucking service. However, you should also expect to face some last-minute challenges.

Unexpected weather or road closures often cause delays in the shipping process, but your oversized freight should arrive safely if you have chosen the services of a reliable oversize trucking company.