4 Factors That Affect Shipping Rates For Over Dimensional Freight

Large cargo that exceeds certain dimensions needs to be transported by over-dimensional freight shipping companies. If your oversized cargo is being delivered by road, your freight rates can vary depending on many factors.

The cost of shipping over dimensional freight can vary due to these factors. Keywords: over dimensional freight rates

Here are 4 factors that affect shipping rates for over-dimensional freight.

1.      Size

For freight to qualify as over-dimensional, its width needs to exceed 8.5 feet. Similarly, if your freight’s height exceeds 14 feet it will be classified as over-dimensional.

4 Factors That Affect Shipping Rates For Over Dimensional Freight

Shipping larger cargo requires safety measures such as harnesses and specialized transportation trucks. If your cargo exceeds certain dimensions within the over-dimensional category, you will have to pay more for shipping.

Your exact over-dimensional freight rates will vary from company to company, but you can generally expect them to charge more for transporting larger freight. These companies may also need to use special delivery routes if your cargo is excessively large and can’t be transported through their regular routes.

2.      Weight

Freight that exceeds a certain weight can be classified as over-dimensional even if its physical dimensions are within regular freight limits. Construction equipment such as bulldozers and dump trucks often exceed weight limits without crossing dimension limits. These items may need to be transported via special trucks that can pull heavier freight with ease.

Fuel costs also tend to be greater when you are transporting overweight items, so over-dimensional shipping companies may charge you on a weight basis.

3.      Shipping distance

You will pay greater over-dimensional freight rates if your item is being transported over longer distances. Shipping companies charge clients for each mile travelled during shipping. However, even these rates can vary wildly depending on other factors.

If your freight is being transported across state lines, your shipping company will need to acquire an oversized shipping permit from each state you’re over-dimensional freight will be passing through. The cost of acquiring these permits could be added to your freight rate and raise total shipping costs.

4.      Use of a pilot or escort vehicles

Some states require over-dimensional freight transporters to use pilot or escort vehicles when they are transporting oversized cargo. These vehicles are used to warn pedestrians and other cars about the approaching freight and inform truck drivers about any upcoming obstructions or diversions on the road.

If your freight is being transported through a state where the pilot or escort vehicles are required, your freight rates may be higher. Some shipping companies use their own pilot or escort vehicles to help customers save on shipping costs.

The other option would be to use a third party pilot or escort vehicle service; however, they may charge more and bill you separately from your shipping company.

As you can see, calculating over-dimensional freight rates can be tricky. Most companies try to provide an accurate estimate beforehand, but your delivery final costs won’t be known until your freight has shipped.

Remember to use the services of an experienced over-dimensional shipping company if you want to get shipping rates that are fair and trustworthy.