4 Reasons You Should Drive for Flatbed Transportation Companies

Few blue collar occupations offer the thrill and excitement that driving flatbed trucks offers. The people that drive these trucks are drawn to flatbed trucking companies for a variety of reasons.

Many truckers get accustomed to the trucking lifestyle easily.

Not everybody is cut out for trucking jobs, but you may take a shine to this profession if any of the following reasons excite you. Let’s look at some of the reasons why people become flatbed truck drivers.

1.      Great pay

The average base salary for truck drivers in the US in 2019 was $62,000. This is a decent salary for a job that doesn’t require a post-secondary education or lengthy specialized training courses. Many flatbed transportation companies within this industry offer their drivers much higher salaries than average, so you may be able make a lot of money in a short amount of time if you can hack it as a trucker.

4 Reasons You Should Drive for Flatbed Transportation Companies

2.      Free training

As mentioned earlier, truck drivers don’t need to have a post-secondary education if they wish to work in trucking. However, truck drivers do need to undergo some training if they wish to work for a company. This training is usually provided free of charge by the flatbed transportation companies themselves.

This means truckers get to work in a high-paying occupation without spending their own money on training and education. You can become a truck driver straight out of high school if you are 18. However, you won’t be allowed to drive a truck across state-lines until you are 21 or older.

3.      Getting to travel

One of the most appealing aspects of flatbed trucking is getting to travel. Many truck drivers travel across state lines and pass through new cities on their delivery routes. These truckers often have exciting stories to tell about their time on the road.

Some people enjoy travelling to other countries, but truckers get a kick out of exploring the good old USA. There’s nothing quite like experiencing the sights and sounds of your country from the comfort of a truck cabin.

However, truck drivers do spend a fair amount of time outside their trucks too. They are required to perform regular inspections of their trucks and freight before driving, so they may get wet in the rain or battle frigid winter winds if weather conditions take a turn. If you’re not fazed by bad weather conditions, you may have what it takes to become a trucker driver.

4.      Job security

Many trucker drivers will tell you that their favorite aspect of trucking is job security. Most industries employ the use of trucking companies to carry out their operations, so the need for truck drivers will always exist.

Some people have speculated that automatic driving vehicles will make truck drivers obsolete in the coming decades; however, flatbed transportation companies will still need personnel to monitor and inspect their trucks during deliveries.

If you’re a capable learner, you may be able to adapt to these new conditions well and find long-term success in the flatbed trucking field.