4 Benefits of Using Flatbed Trucking Over Hot Shot Trucking

Flatbed trucking and hot shot trucking services are useful for transporting freight over long distances. However, flatbed trucking services offer many benefits that hot shot trucking services do not. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits.

Flatbed trucking offers many benefits over hot shot trucking. Here are some of these benefits.

1. Flatbed trucks can move larger and heavier freight

Flatbed trucks are capable of pulling long flatbeds with ease. Construction companies often use flatbed trucking services due to their ability to transport large and heavy freight on their flatbeds. Construction materials come in all shapes and sizes, so it is better for construction companies to use the services of flatbed truckers that are familiar with securing and transporting freight of all sizes.

By contrast, hot shot trucks tend to be less powerful than flatbed trucks. This limits the size of the flatbeds they can pull, and impedes their ability to transport large and/or heavy freight across long distances. However, hot shot trucking services are often faster to hire. They may be useful for transporting smaller freight in emergency situations.


4 Benefits of Using Flatbed Trucking Over Hot Shot Trucking

2.      Flatbed trucking includes specialized equipment

Certain flatbeds come with modifications or specialized equipment that make it easier to load and unload the freight. These include built-in loading ramps and drop decks.

Such equipment doesn’t just make the loading and unloading process easier, it also makes it safer. This ensures that the flatbed trucking employees and the freight are kept safe during transportation.

Hotshot trucks are capable of using some of the specialized equipment that flatbed trucks often use; however, they may have more difficulty working with them. This could lead to problems that jeopardize the safety of the freight and the people transporting them.

3.      Flatbed trucking offers better insurance

Most flatbed trucking services are offered by reputable companies that have good insurance policies. These companies can provide clients with adequate insurance coverage for their freight. This could be important if the freight is valuable, as any damages could cost clients a lot of money if the freight is uninsured.

By comparison, hot shot trucking services are usually provided by independent operators that offer less valuable insurance coverage. Owners of valuable freight may be jeopardizing their business by selecting hot shot trucking services over flatbed trucking services in this situation.

4.      Flatbed trucking companies have more experience

Many flatbed trucking companies have been in operation for decades. The staff at these companies have plenty of experience transporting freight across states. Therefore, they can be trusted to get the job done safely.

Hotshot trucking services are typically offered by truck owners that are new to the business and do not possess as much experience as flatbed trucking companies. In addition to this, many hotshot truckers offer their services as a “side-hustle” to their primary employment elsewhere.

Due to this reason, hot shot truckers may not be committed to providing the quality services that flatbed trucking companies offer.