4 Challenges that Flatbed Trucking Companies are Facing Today

Flatbed trucking differs from normal truck hauling activities. It constitutes securing more loads and increased safety procedures and precautions. Hence, the challenges that flatbed trucking face are also greater. Here are four of the most pressing ones facing flatbed trucking today:

Flatbed trucking

1.     Recruiting Drivers

One of the major challenges facing the shipping industry is a lack of qualified drivers. The lack of talent in this area has disrupted the supply chain. Hence, companies should focus on paying fair wages and offering more per mile driven. Compensation should be added for extra work done like securing loads and other manual labor.

4 Challenges that Flatbed Trucking Companies are Facing Today

2.     Additional Labor Costs

A key difference between other forms of hauling equipment and products and flatbed trucking is the labor. Drivers are much more deeply involved in securing the loads to the truck themselves. While this is part of the driver’s job description, it does, in fact, constitute additional labor. Hence, accounting for that additional labor cost is only fair. Also, companies should emphasize the physical advantages of securing these loads. It keeps drivers much fitter than the truck hauling jobs. It also keeps them on their feet while securing loads to the trucks as they find more innovative ways to do so. Hauling offers none of these advantages.

3.     Securing Loads

Securing the load to the truck is a safety issue as well as a logistics issue. Hauling trailers and cargo containers aren’t exposed the way that flatbed cargo containers are. One mistake or oversight in securing the load can lead to a horrific accident. Hiring trained drivers as well as training them on site to avoid these disasters should be a priority.

Loss of cargo can also result in loss of profits or revenue. If it happens enough times, even small losses per each shipment can take a toll on the projected revenue of a shipping company. They are answerable to the manufacturers of the equipment or the products, after all. Their inability to deliver a full shipment tracks back to the manufacturing company’s reputation as well.

4.     Driver Safety

The safety of the driver is paramount to the flatbed trucking companies. Drivers are the controls that keep the truck on the right path. If anything happens to them, it’s not only bad for the customer, but for the companies itself. Thus, implementing world-class safety standards is of the utmost importance. Drivers should be given specific training on how to handle emergencies. They should also be trained in every safety procedure related to a common accident or malfunction.

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