What to Consider When Shipping an Oversized Load

For shipping any oversized load, heavy haul trucking is the best option. It’s affordable, cheaper and faster than other methods like sending it through the sea or air. However, despite its apparent simplicity, heavy haul trucking can be a bit complicated.

A loading dock with trucks
An aerial view of a loading dock with heavy haul trucks parked

There are a lot of factors that you should take into account beforehand. Doing so ensures that when you do ship the goods, there are no issues or accidents to worry about. Based on this, the following are a few key areas that you should pay attention to when you’re shipping an oversized load:

The Route for Shipping

Always consider the route you’re considering for shipping. This gives you a better idea regarding the limitations on the goods, the permits you need as well as the kind of vehicle you should get. It’s a good idea to plan out the route beforehand.

What to Consider When Shipping an Oversized Load

This area also affects how you find the right shipping company to work with. Not everyone covers the same routes so you will have to search your options in order to figure out your shipping options for a particular route.

The Kind of Vehicles Required

Apart from the route, you also have to work out the kind of vehicle that you need. Most heavy haul trucking vehicles can handle typical goods. For specialized or large goods like pipes, lumber or even vehicles, you might have to use a flatbed truck.

Even then, you will have to figure out the right kind based on the goods you need to ship. Tall goods that may have clearance issues can be placed on step-deck flatbed trailers. These are capable of transporting goods that are up to 10 feet tall.

Acquiring the Relevant Permits

Heavy haul trucking is a regulated shipping method. Unfortunately, there’s no general body or regulation to follow. Different states have their own regulations and you will need a permit for shipping your goods, especially if the route is spread across different states.

Permits should also be applied for and gotten before the shipment begins. It’s a good idea to make this the first step to follow. Otherwise, your goods could end up staying in the warehouse or loading dock for weeks and even months. This delay can be costly for you so consider this beforehand.

Insurance for the Goods

Shipping companies offer insurance coverage for transportation of goods and you should opt-in for it as well. Many shipping companies have limited coverage that can protect loss or damage to goods caused by accidents. However, it is a good idea to get individual insurance as well to cover any blind spots in the initial coverage offered by the shipping company.

It’s an extra step but doing this ensures that you don’t have to face any losses at all. The insurance will compensate you for any damages that occur or any lost goods. Much like getting permits, you should have the appropriate insurance plan ready for your goods to ship as soon as possible.

By keeping these considerations in mind, you should face no problems or issues when you are shipping an oversized load through heavy haul trucking.