Dry Van Trucking vs. Refrigerated Shipping and Flatbed Trucks

Dry Van Trucking vs. Refrigerated Shipping and Flatbed Trucks.

Are you relocating and need to transfer all your household furniture and stuff to your new house? Whether you are looking for oversize trucking companies to move your personal items, for business and office relocation or for any other reason, before you can transport freight successfully, you need to know the different types of equipment movers that are available for hire.

From dry vans and refrigerated trucks to flatbed haulers and each of their uses, take a look at the different types of trailers used in oversize load trucking.

Dry Vans

Dry van shipping is perhaps the most preferred and commonly used option for certain types of heavy equipment transportation. These vehicles comprise a durable box on wheels that is enclosed from all sides to secure the load that is to be transferred. A door at the back provides access to the container. Dry vans do not have the feature to control the temperature inside the trailer and are best suited for carrying pallets, boxes of cargo or any other similar equipment.

Merits of Dry Van Trucking

  • Oversized shipping companies that offer dry van trucking services are easy to find.
  • Dry vans are highly versatile. From non-perishable food items to building materials and more, they can transport various types of stuff.
  • The need for chains, straps and other similar things is eliminated as the cargo is covered from all sides and protected from the harsh weather conditions as well as theft.
  • Dry vans simplify the loading and unloading procedures for drivers.

Refrigerated Trucks

As the name suggests, refrigerated trucks or refers are temperature-controlled trailers that are best for shipping items that are sensitive to temperature changes.

Merits of Refrigerated trucks

  • These trailers provide mild refrigeration as well as deep freeze containers to safely transport perishable food items such as meat, dairy, fresh produce and so on.
  • The cargo is protected from damages due to weather, theft, and spoilage during the journey.
  • Refrigerated trucks are easily available from many oversized shipping companies because fresh products are always in demand..

Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed carriers can be divided into further types, but they all have one feature in common – a long flat area for carrying the load. Depending on its size, length, structure, maximum load-carrying ability and the presence or absence of box, flatbeds can be categorized into standard flatbeds, drop decks, double-drop flatbed, lowboys or extendable trailers.

Merits of Flatbed Carriers

  • Flatbeds are the first choice for heavy equipment transportation where the load exceeds the dimension or maximum-weight limit of other trailers.
  • They are also used in cases where the freight cannot be loaded or unloaded from a standard dock.
  • Flatbed haulers are in high demand in the trucking industry and therefore, can be found with ease.
  • Flatbed shipping companies experience the lowest driver turnover because the amount of money earned by flatbed carriers per each mile is considerably higher than that earned by most of the other heavy equipment movers.

This covers the three most important types of trailers used in oversize shipping. For a deeper insight into flatbed carriers, read more about the common uses of flatbed trucks.

Dry Van Trucking vs. Refrigerated Shipping and Flatbed Trucks