Top Considerations for Oversized and Wide Loads

To qualify that a load is in fact considered over dimensional trucking in the United States consider these points. The very first thing to gauge is the width. If the width is clearly over eight point five feet it is overwide and subjected to regulations. Keep in mind that each state has its own independent regulations. So they will usually be stricter than the federal regulations.

Top Considerations for Oversized and Wide Loads
Top Considerations for Oversized and Wide Loads

When moving cargo like prefabricated homes, steel beams, wind blades, cranes, bulldozers, combines, and any oversized loads navigating is specialized.  So the most specialized flatbed oversized trucking transportation can be a bit on the tricky side.

Some of the key considerations include knowing what the exact precise dimensions and weight are. So this enables you to fit the cargo being moved with just the right type of equipment. You need to know the exact route to be used and be updated with the most current detours, etc. Keep your customers expectations always in the forefront.

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Load Securement is Required by the DOT

Securing a heavy haul trucking load is required by the DOT. Flatbed Load Securement is Required by the DOT. Specific standards are required for securing these loads. To ensure that your cargo is secure for any open deck trailers like flatbeds and the many variations of these step decks standards must be followed. In the effort to prevent spilling and the subsequent hazards to safety that these spills would create a carrier must adhere to guidelines. To maintain safety and the possibility of damage to the truck, driver, any property and innocent by standers.

Flatbed load securement is required by the DOT

The department of transportation does not take flatbed load securement lightly. Over dimensional trucking load securement is especially monitored more frequently as standard practice. It is reported that of sixty thousand vehicle inspections almost sixteen percent were cited for violations to the securement of their cargo. The type of freight and type of flatbed being used will have specific requirements to follow. Even hot shots have their own set of standards.

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What Factors Determine Flatbed Rates and Quotes?

What Factors Determine Flatbed Rates and Quotes

Are you looking for heavy haul shipping services? Are you worried about how much it is going to cost? If you are considering flatbed trucking service for your special transportation needs, then you probably have received quotes from some flatbed freight companies. But are you wondering what determines flatbed rates and quotes or why they seem to fluctuate all the time?

Be it for your personal needs or business requirements, if you are looking for flatbed freight companies to move oversized items or relocate heavy equipment, then it’s essential to know the factors that affect flatbed shipping costs.

Read on find what they are.

The Most Obvious Factors

Needless to say, the cost of heavy haul transportation first and foremost, depends on the weight and size of the load as well as the origin and destination of the transportation route. Besides the distance to be covered, flatbed hauling quotes also depend on the value of the item to be shipped itself.

Moreover, the type of carrier affects flatbed freight quotes as well. For instance, a simple flatbed trailer will cost less than a step deck trailer, which would, in turn, cost less than a double drop hauler. This is because the more specialized the trailer is, the more expensive it is to drive and maintain it.

Market Conditions

The estimated cost that you receive from flatbed transportation companies is also affected by the market conditions in the industries that they normally serve. Construction companies, petroleum, oil and gas industries are just a few examples of businesses where heavy equipment movers are employed all the time. But if suddenly there is an excessive need for flatbed trucks in any industry, then the rates of flatbed trucking services are likely to shoot up for other users because of the increased demand. The case is revered when for instance an industry experiences a slump and the rates are lowered as companies start searching for other orders to stay operational.

Other Factors

Heavy haul shipping companies normally account for any disruptions or delays caused by weather changes but sometimes extreme weather conditions such as storms can affect flatbed freight rates a lot more than expected. For example, think of the relief supplies that might need to be transported to the affected areas after a hurricane or the debris that might need to be removed after an earthquake.

Unpredictable weather changes affect the flatbed shipping rates only in the short-term. But if you require the service during that period, then you must be prepared to pay quite an extra amount.

Getting varied costs from different flatbed transportation companies can no doubt be very frustrating. So, if you want to get the most accurate and reliable results, then contact a well-established and trustworthy flatbed shipping company that has been catering to the needs for years.

Get in touch today by filling out a short form or contact Flatbed hauling Quotes to receive a free flatbed freight quote.

What Factors Determine Flatbed Rates and Quotes?

How to Master Your First Trucking Job

Working for heavy hauling transportation services is a great way to kick start a career in the trucking industry. However, anyone who has so much so only seen a heavy hauler or ever tried to maneuver a flatbed truck would know that driving such a giant vehicle is no joke. Trucking is no doubt a very demanding job. From long hours of continuous driving and hectic schedules to being away from friends and family and traveling to different places, working for a heavy hauling transportation company can be quite a challenge.

So, if you recently joined the heavy equipment hauling industry or are looking for flatbed freight companies to join, then you are in for a ride! Many people who enter this service often struggle to get things right. But having the know-how of the job and preparing accordingly can make it all as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Take a look at the following tips for newbies in the flatbed trucking industry that will help you master your first trucking job.

Fail To Prepare and Prepare To Fail

Planning is the key to surviving a heavy hauling job. Know the basics of your work and consult your supervisor or relevant authorities if you are unsure about anything. Make sure you are well aware of the safety procedures and follow them accordingly. Also, you must know whom to contact in case of an emergency.

Do (Not) Begin In Winter

Winter is, without a doubt, the toughest season for driving heavy haulers. Slick road conditions and reduced visibility can give a hard time to even the most accomplished drivers. Thus, avoid starting your flatbed trucking job in winters.

However, many people might recommend doing the exact opposite because it is under such circumstances that having a good trainer will prove extremely useful. Your trainer can give you some deep insight into the industry that will help you improve your driving skills so that you are well prepared to manage the following winter on your own.

Keep Essential Items Handy

Working for a heavy hauling transportation company means that you might have to drive to distant places all alone. If you face an accident during this time or any unfavorable incidents that might occur, can leave you stranded for hours or even days. Therefore, don’t forget to carry the necessary items in your truck at all times. For instance, a first aid kit, toolbox, dry food rations, drinkable water, and any other essentials should always be present at hand.

Eat Healthily

A major dilemma that surrounds the trucking industry is that it affects the employees’ eating habits and disrupts their sleeping pattern. As a result, many truckers suffer from obesity as well as various other health problems. Carry homemade lunch with you whenever possible and avoid eating unhealthy foods at truck stops. Replace snacks and junk food with fresh fruits and cut down on the consumption of carbonated drinks.

Follow these tips to master your first flatbed trucking job. And above all, don’t forget to exercise regularly as it keeps you fit and active, as well as helps you overcome the exhaustion and fatigue from sitting behind a wheel all day long.

How to Master Your First Trucking Job

Flatbed Trucking 101 – All That You Need to Know About Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed Trucking

Whether you are looking for heavy haul transportation services or considering joining an over-dimensional shipping company, you must have heard the term ‘flatbed’ several times. But do you know what it really is?

Here we have gathered the basics of flatbed trucking services, including what it is, why it is important, where you can find one and more. Read on to find out.

What is Flatbed Trucking?

Flatbed trucking refers to a type of over-dimensional shipping for transporting oversized or wide load items. Flatbed trucks come under the category of heavy haulers. They are available in a variety of trailer types and are best suited for moving heavy machinery, large equipment, building supplies and any other item that cannot be transported using traditional vehicles, dry vans, and other similar means.
As the name implies, a flatbed truck comprises of a wide, plain surface for carrying the load. It is completely open, allowing items to be loaded or unloaded from all sides instead of just the tail end.

Types of Flatbed Trucks

Depending on its size, structure, weight carrying capability and scope of use, there are various heavy haulers being used in the industry. The following are the main options available for flatbed trucking.

Step Deck Trailers

Step deck trailers are a variation of flatbed in which the ‘flat bed’ surface features a ‘step.’ They are also called drop deck trailers and are ideal for use in cases where a simple flatbed cannot be used mostly due to height restrictions. They can carry very tall cargo (up to 10 feet high).

RGN Trailers

Removable Gooseneck or RGN trailers consist of a removable neck. This attachment easily turns into a ramp, allowing the equipment to be driven on and off the truck. RGN trailers can carry loads weighing thousands of pound but they are quite expensive.

Stretch Trailer

Many flatbed trucking services also offer a stretch trailer that can ‘stretch’’ to house extra long freight.

Advantages of Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed trucking is extremely popular because it is the most versatile option for over-dimensional shipping. Here are a few reasons that make flatbed trucking a practical heavy haul transportation method.

  • Ease of loading – Enclosed trailers make loading and unloading quite difficult and time-consuming. Flatbed trucks feature an open design that avoids these problems.
  • Variety – Flatbeds allow various items to be transported in a single trip. For instance, in the construction industry, different frames, lumber, tool, machinery as well as materials for interior work and other essential supplies can all be carried on a flatbed.
  • Deliver anywhere – Unlike dry vans, flatbeds do not require a loading dock. This means items can be loaded from and unloaded at any place and at any time, making flatbed trucking a really feasible option.

If flatbed trucking seems to be the answer to your heavy haul transportation needs, then contact us today to get a free flatbed freight quote and any further assistance that you may require.

Our team comprises of organized and detail-oriented drivers who are expert at what they do. So, get in touch with the best flatbed trucking company now!

Dry Van Trucking vs. Refrigerated Shipping and Flatbed Trucks

Dry Van Trucking vs. Refrigerated Shipping and Flatbed Trucks.

Are you relocating and need to transfer all your household furniture and stuff to your new house? Whether you are looking for oversize trucking companies to move your personal items, for business and office relocation or for any other reason, before you can transport freight successfully, you need to know the different types of equipment movers that are available for hire.

From dry vans and refrigerated trucks to flatbed haulers and each of their uses, take a look at the different types of trailers used in oversize load trucking.

Dry Vans

Dry van shipping is perhaps the most preferred and commonly used option for certain types of heavy equipment transportation. These vehicles comprise a durable box on wheels that is enclosed from all sides to secure the load that is to be transferred. A door at the back provides access to the container. Dry vans do not have the feature to control the temperature inside the trailer and are best suited for carrying pallets, boxes of cargo or any other similar equipment.

Merits of Dry Van Trucking

  • Oversized shipping companies that offer dry van trucking services are easy to find.
  • Dry vans are highly versatile. From non-perishable food items to building materials and more, they can transport various types of stuff.
  • The need for chains, straps and other similar things is eliminated as the cargo is covered from all sides and protected from the harsh weather conditions as well as theft.
  • Dry vans simplify the loading and unloading procedures for drivers.

Refrigerated Trucks

As the name suggests, refrigerated trucks or refers are temperature-controlled trailers that are best for shipping items that are sensitive to temperature changes.

Merits of Refrigerated trucks

  • These trailers provide mild refrigeration as well as deep freeze containers to safely transport perishable food items such as meat, dairy, fresh produce and so on.
  • The cargo is protected from damages due to weather, theft, and spoilage during the journey.
  • Refrigerated trucks are easily available from many oversized shipping companies because fresh products are always in demand..

Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed carriers can be divided into further types, but they all have one feature in common – a long flat area for carrying the load. Depending on its size, length, structure, maximum load-carrying ability and the presence or absence of box, flatbeds can be categorized into standard flatbeds, drop decks, double-drop flatbed, lowboys or extendable trailers.

Merits of Flatbed Carriers

  • Flatbeds are the first choice for heavy equipment transportation where the load exceeds the dimension or maximum-weight limit of other trailers.
  • They are also used in cases where the freight cannot be loaded or unloaded from a standard dock.
  • Flatbed haulers are in high demand in the trucking industry and therefore, can be found with ease.
  • Flatbed shipping companies experience the lowest driver turnover because the amount of money earned by flatbed carriers per each mile is considerably higher than that earned by most of the other heavy equipment movers.

This covers the three most important types of trailers used in oversize shipping. For a deeper insight into flatbed carriers, read more about the common uses of flatbed trucks.

Dry Van Trucking vs. Refrigerated Shipping and Flatbed Trucks

How to save money when flatbed shipping

How to save money when flatbed shipping

Most customers start their week planning to ship their products out, but what many customers don’t understand is that the beginning of the week is the worst time to ship because rates are at their highest.

Drivers come off the weekend like a “loaded gun”, thinking they are the only truck available for you. This encourages them to start the week demanding a much higher rate. Whether you are shipping an oversize flatbed load or just standard flatbed freight it is always beneficial to wait towards the end of the week. You just might save your company 20 to 30 percent. As the week dwindles on the capacity of flatbed trucking loads decreases and the drivers have fewer choices as to what loads they must choose from. By weeks end they are left stuck with no freight at all because they were too eager to hit the “holy grail the mother of all mother flatbed loads”, at your expense.

Always ask your flatbed shipper if there is any benefit to ship later in the week and make sure to compare rates.

There are many ways to save money, however, there are a few things to consider when shipping a flatbed heavy haul or standard flatbed shipment. You just can’t forget about the oversized permitted loads that require police and escorts. These type of flatbed loads require planning and it may not be cost-effective to hold for the weekend because of the additional services like escorts and police. Some states are not permitted for travel on weekends or after dark. You wouldn’t want to get caught up paying for hold over downtime when proper planning could have of avoided that.

If you decide to use flatbed shipping you need to take the time to talk to a reputable agent. You should also make sure that they have a vast background in flatbed trucking. If you don’t, buyer beware you may find yourself paying for hidden costs because the agent either did not have the level of expertise that you deserve or have your best interest in mind. These agents are working in a very stressful “time is money” environment and at times will move4 on to the next client too quickly so that they can make sure they make their quota for the day.

How to save money when flatbed shipping