Safety Concerns in the Heavy Haul Trucking Industry

Safety hats on a trailer

When it comes to safety in the heavy haul trucking industry, things can often look bleak. Heavy haul transportation services are one of the most important services required by businesses and individuals alike. But this adventurous job is also one of the riskiest jobs as driving a giant flatbed carrier for hours each day, coupled with hectic schedules and various other factors is surely not an easy task.

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Winter Safety Tips for Truckers: How to Avoid Accidents in the Cold Season

Safety tips for truckers in winter

Maneuvering a giant 18-wheeler or any other heavy-duty truck is hard enough on its own. Bring in a slick road, ever-changing weather conditions, and impaired road visibility due to fog or snowfall, and driving a truck during winters becomes the most difficult task on earth.

Staying safe on the road during the cold season is not an easy task. Icy roads can give a tough time to even the most experienced drivers in managing their vehicles. However, following a few precautionary measures is all it takes to reduce the risk of accidents and protect against harm. So, if you are a truck driver who is going to be out on the road in a cold season, here are some useful tips to drive safely in the winter.

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The Best Smartphone Apps for Truck Drivers

Useful apps for truck drivers

Driving for hour after hour without any company can indeed be very daunting and depressing. But who says trucking has to be difficult or boring? If you have a smartphone, you can have all the entertainment you need on the go. All you need to do is download some useful and engaging apps. And if you are wondering which ones are the best, here are some of the best smartphone apps for truck drivers.

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